Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and on and on and on. As we all know that Google is continuously changing its algorithm to give user good results while they search something on Google. What we need to do so that we also can be the part of first page in related keywords. Here are some important tactics for 2013 and upcoming year 2014 for SEO which will surely help you to gain good SERP and visits to your site.

As well said by experts that SEO is not going to die and will never die; but need to change some strategies according to latest updates made by Google. First of all it is necessary to stay away from black hat SEO, submissions for backlinks which are not related to niche of website, not relevant submission, low page rank directory submissions, link exchange, paid links etc.

Main factors like original, quality, full of information contents, social presence are keys for success and good page rank for your site. Using H1, H2, H3 tags are also very important as well. I will strongly suggest not to use a single ….. Over keywords stuffing in article can harm your site reputation so it is highly recommended to use 3-5 times keywords in article of 500 words. You can use synonyms of the particular word (You can say synonyms of keywords which you are targeting).

Another thing is related to social presence of your site or social recommendation. You need to serve people what they want to increase recommendation of site. Buying likes for social sites will never work anyway.

Forget Penguin and other updates. Just think about Panda for few minutes. After panda update many sites penalized because they were not related to quality. Quality here means good quality contents, information what people looking for. Even after Panda update many Seos continued to make mistakes and Penguin hit them again. So the conclusion is that it is now the primary need to work with quality, high authority sites and to pass good contents in your blog.

Penguin update is not only related to bad link building, over optimization but also it is related with on-page optimization. It is necessary to keep watch on title attribute and ALT attribute; repeat keywords should be removed from both of these.

So here we can make one conclusion over here about latest tactics for SEO for coming year to be a part of first page in search engines.

Quality content is everything

As search engines (Google) moving towards make user experience more improved all need to work hard for quality contents. Informative and quality contents are the base key for success we can say.

Variety in content is more important

Contents should be variety and more informative than others. Variation and usefulness will give user more attraction towards your site. Provide something different and unique in content is more beneficial.

There are some most important points you never forget about. Like,

Presence in social media will give extra zoom to website

Impact of authorship

Get little bit busy with guest blog posting

Attractive website and awesome author profile

Be social, creative, innovative and consistent


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