A few days back at a discussion i been asked how does an average movie earns so much , is it a magic of branding?
Is the Age of Branding at its peak of our time, the present time?

branding with satvadesignstudioThe answer is YES, if you open your morning newspaper, switch on your TV or surf youtube, you see the brands trying to connect with you, let it be an ad of car or toothpaste they make sure you get the message that it is a brand you need .
There are two ways of Branding,
1) Make consumer feel an urge to buy your product.
2 ) Connect with Consumer / Audience.

First one is easily achievable by offering a free perks or gifts or addons, What I am personally interested is in the later option, connecting with consumer or audience, that makes them feel they own the brand. Such connections creates long term association with customer and brand, like supporting  a football team, you wont change your alliance , right? same way if your brand has a strong connection with your audience or customer , you have an association of lifetime.

How you can achieve it ?
Keep Reading my blogs and you can find out how you can achieve it,
Next week i will be talking about achieving strong customer connection and winning your audiences with right branding strategies and actions.

Creativity does not require wings, its always there in the air , you just need to smell it feel it and be with it. Let our inner creativity and your outer world connect and create a whole new Universe. - Jignesh Parmar Founder & CEO Satva Design Studio

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