10 Free Graphic Designing Software’s in 2021

10 Free Graphic Designing Software’s in 2021

If you are someone who wants to start creating some graphic designs but is stuck because you can’t afford the prices of the mainstream graphic designing software’s, worry not because in this blog we are going to cover 10 free-user friendly but powerful graphic design Software’s which would not only allow you to design free graphic designs and download them but also give you a ton of tools and options to choose from to arrive at your desired mental destination of a graphic design.

Now graphic design is a skill in which a person creates a visual piece of content to convey a message. And it’s really important what kind of tool or tools you utilize to create a design. 

Graphic Designing Software's

Hence here are the 10 best free graphic design softwares which are heavily used in the industry:


GIMP is one of the most well known and frequently used open-source, raster-based photo editing software. Not just that it is also incredibly user friendly and a perfect option for a beginner or even an intermediate on a budget. 

In this software, the creator can even make a design from scratch and that’s a really robust and advantageous feature over the other few softwares that we are going to mention here. 

The only problem with this software is that there are few bugs that you might encounter while using this software but nothing too serious that you should be concerned about.


Vectr is easily the most popular and suggested software, not by just their users but also by many professionals and hardcore graphic design freelancers. Because the learning curve of this software is low and it also comes with easy project sharing options and inbuilt ‘WordPress’ integration.

Vectr can be used for a variety of projects from designing notebook covers to T-shirt prints and from brand symbols to advertisement banners.

It smoothly runs with Linux, macOS and windows.


Now, this software is majorly used by graphic design artists like a cartoonist, concept artists, illustrators and etc. This software offers many unique features and features that are found in adobe photoshop, and because of that, there is a debate going on about ‘which is better?’.

The best feature about this software is that its user interface is customizable and hence user friendly.

Krita also includes a plethora of drawing tools, such as vanishing points, smooth shapes, layer masks, and many others.


Inkscape is a vector-based software and that too a powerful one. If you are someone who has used vector-based software before, you’ll master this software in no time.

Inkscape’s tools will help you create designs remarkably, and stand out design projects with ease and plenty of tools to choose from. And the most important aspect of Inkscape is its ability to handle heavy files with precision so you could work stress-free.

The responding time of this software can sometimes irritate you and control systems can also be improved upon, other than that it’s one of the best free software out there.

Gravit Designer

This particular is also considered to be a game-changer along with being one of the best graphic design software in the world. Illustration, UI and screen design mockups, Printed Artwork, Branding and Logo design are all ideal for a wide range of design projects in “Gravit Designer”.

Simple settings give you control over Gravit Designer behaviour without confusing you with unnecessary jargon. Also, it is available in more than 15 languages.

It also comes with a feature of cloud integration so you don’t lose your project or have a hard time sharing it with others. A little heads up because this software might come in the paid version in future.


This software is unarguably the simplest and the easiest of all the softwares that were discussed here, even a 7 year old kid can learn to use it in an hour or two and that statement was not exaggerated.

The drag and drop feature makes it a popular choice among other reputed and well known softwares, and that’s not all! Canva also provides built-in templates to choose from.

Canva is really popular among beginners and it can also be operated in your smartphone, in fact the smartphone and pc application is synced immediately after one register themselves in order to make an account. 


Blender is a 3D modelling and visualisation software that is utilised in a variety of fields. This is a professional tool used to make 3D models, 3D product design, etc.

Blender is a really great tool for 3D modelling and also realistic object creation in general and the best part is that it’s a vector based software.

Hence the end product of a design would be much better when compared to an image.

Rendering of a heavy file may slow down the computer.


3D modelling, visual effects, Sculpting & Animations
Skin Modifier
Camera & Object Motion Tracking
Allows Masking


Need Enough Knowledge to Draw Curves
Cluttered Menus


Paint is a well-known and simple-to-use raster graphics editing program for Microsoft Windows that allows for basic image manipulation.

 This software offers several layers, and the underlying graphic design software allows you to undo your work an endless number of times. It’s possible that most graphic designers in the twenty-first century began their careers by using Paint.

Paint can easily be used to produce special effects.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a popular graphic design software that offers users a variety of free design capabilities and tools. In minutes, you can create stunning graphics for websites and social media using this great graphic design programme. 

It is not a comprehensive replacement for Adobe Illustrator, but it may be useful for novices. However, if you still want to use Adobe Illustrator’s features but don’t want to pay for a membership, you can instal and try one of the cheaper or even free Adobe Illustrator alternatives.

SVG- Edit

SVG-edit is a free design tool that does exactly what it says on the tin. It both edits and generates SVG. This is a completely free internet tool that works with the majority of browsers.

A standard set of functions exists. Create shapes, draw with a pencil, convert lines to pathways, colour, and add photos here. WMP, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and, of course, SVG are all popular online formats that can be exported.

The user interface is plain and reminds me of early 2000s drawing programmes — there is nothing exceptional about it.

The main goal of writing this article about graphic design software is to assist beginners who want to learn graphic design. However, if you are an agency looking to outsource your graphic design department, please contact us today to discuss your needs. Satva Design Studio’s team is eager to hear from you. We would be delighted to assist you in developing your brand’s graphical elements, and our design experts will narrate the storey of your brand’s connection with your target audience.