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10 Social Media Trends Marketers Should Watch in 2021

Social media has become a marketing hotspot. It has opened several doorways for marketers to broaden their reach. We’ve seen a shift in the way brands promote their products or services on social media in the last year. And, as the popularity of social media grows, brands aren’t just wondering how they’ll engage massive social media audiences next year. They’re also wondering, “What social media trends should I anticipate in this ever-changing landscape?”

What’s trending on social media for all the marketers out there? Lets have a look.

The rising importance of micro-communities in social media trends

Although their strategies come with a lot of opportunities, one has to keep up with them. Constantly, keep upgrading your former approaches or you will slowly fade away from the market. Rapid advancements in social media marketing, as well as the introduction of saturated micro-communities, have expanded the dimensions available to fashion retailers. Much of the need is attributed to increased loneliness among children during COVID-19 outbreaks.

The most difficult challenge for any ambitious business these days is breaking through the noise of social media advertisements. As the name implies, social media is a gathering place for people who share similar characteristics to connect and discuss, regardless of geographical distance. These gatherings form small communities of users who share common interests as well as some niche characteristics.

At this time, retailers can benefit from reaching out to people through smaller communities, a new trend that involves collaborating with bloggers and influencers for greater impact.

Conversational marketing will change it’s tone

Mouth publicity had and always will have a huge impact in the market. What people say about you is what others believe. If consumers constantly keep hearing praises about your product, it is most likely they will try it for once. This is what most brands strive for. Even if consumers try the product once and it is up to the mark they will fall in love with it. They will become habitual of using that particular product and will recommend it to others.

In order to achieve this we need people who have a far reach among the audience. And who better than bloggers and influencers. They are best at convincing people. YouTubers either try to blend product promotion in their videos by using the products in their routine life or by separately promoting it.

Consumers crave snackable content

Direct promotion has become old school. Promoting products through a skit or creating situations where in you can associate your product is what’s in. No one watches advertisements. They either do not  heed towards them or try to skip them whenever possible. But what if your whole video was an indirect advertisement. There would be no scope of skipping it and it would not even cause burden for the audience. The audience will happily enjoy the show and your task is fulfilled.

Short-form videos are here to stay in social media trends

2021 has seen a tremendous upsurge in marketing through videos. 

Videos will continue to take centre stage.

What better form of audience engagement than a video. They are attractive, creative and eye catching. There is no better form of explaining your product than a video. It is easy to understand and is not at all complicated like text. It incorporates all information in a brief period of time. Plus it is visually appealing. Visuals long last in the mind than text. So, pay heed towards creating entertaining videos.

And suddenly, everyone had to explore TikTok.

The top most trend of 2021 was definitely short videos. Tik Tok ban was seen as a downfall but it emerged as a revolution. Many Indian short video apps came up. The concept of Instagram reels and You Tube shorts also came up in order to drive more traffic. Social media marketers saw there as a great opportunity to attract more consumers. 

Full length videos can rang from a few minutes to few hours. Creating these videos is  a cumbersome and time-consuming task. It requires a lot of dedicated and hard work. Short videos and reels are only of a few seconds and in comparison to product oriented videos they are more likely to be viewed by the audience. They are profitable both for the producer as well as the consumer.

Also, the tap on rate of short videos is way more than normal videos. Audience need not spend lot of time so they find it more appropriate. A survey conducted on the daily views of YouTubers revealed that their shorts to videos ratio is highly disproportionate. Shorts gain 80% more views than videos.

Further development of conversational marketing on social media

Memes were considered a tool of mocking but not any more. Brands have started using meme material to influence people in a sarcastic way. 

Social media marketers smartly put the name of their brand or product into the subconscious memory of the audience’s without actually advertising their products.

Emergence of new shoppable formats – smart social media trends

People blindly follow social media influencers. They want to imitate what their ideal is doing. Brands use this influence over people as a tool to drive potential consumers. 

This trend is not new but it has seen a drastic up rise in the years post the Covid-19 pandemic. Since, scope for advertising via television, newspapers magazines was hindered and is also a lot more expensive, several businesses completely switched to social media marketing.

Fully dedicated videos tend to generate less views as compared to integrated videos. This fact has been seamlessly used by brands and influencers to expand their reach.

Social media platforms can double as shopping channels

Adds are often shown in the beginning or while watching a video on YouTube. YouTubers promote a variety of products as well. This is one of the largest source of their income. All this is a part of advertisement. In fact, Facebook has a separate shopping section. Getting sponsored stories on Instagram is common. People get irritated with loads of adds but nobody minds a pop up here or there. Many models on Instagram maintain their lifestyle all thanks to brand integrations. They successfully made a carrier out of it. It generates employment and increases marketing opportunities for business. Many Instagram pages are wholly dedicated towards marketing.

Blogging – Most valuable amongst all the social media trends

Blogging has seen a new phase. Its domains have expended. The concept of blogging is becoming familiar to the common man and it can be used as a powerful platform to promote businesses. 

Blogging in social media trends

Its plus points are it is effortless and light on pocket. But its reach is still limited because of the fact that people generally don’t lean towards lengths of texts. Henceforth, creative efforts need to be put in to make it appealing and easy on the brain of the readers. Concise yet informative blogs is the demand of the market today.

Purpose-driven campaigns to take centre stage

Importance of social media posts is not hidden from any business. Any upcoming enterprise which wants to establish it’s feet in the market needs to manage it’s social media posts efficiently. It is a very serene way of approaching to the masses and is an immortal social media marketing tool.

Live streams will remain popular in social media trends

In the world where people are locked at their homes, live streams gives an illusion of closeness. They seem more realistic and candid. The feeling of attachment and genuineness gives live streams a plus point over the traditional videos.

More brands will go live

The brands which still hesitate to go live will do so in the coming times. There is no point of avoiding going live. Content being raw requires less efforts form the brands side. Besides being cost- effective it has no time limits. You can go on and on without any cuts. Live videos increase transparency. Audience get a sneak peek of the real time content and it is quite satisfactory for them.

stories in social media trends

Stories as a content format

The concept of stories has become popular through Instagram and snap chat.

Social media stories are not going anywhere.

The logarithm of stories is such that they are generated automatically one after the other. Mark my words, this trend is going to stay long in the market, so start focusing on it as soon as possible. Stories have shown way better results that images.

Inclusivity will matter more than ever

One cannot emphasize enough on  the fact that  customer care service of a company defines how much a company cares for its consumers. Once the product is purchased brands turns a blind eye from the buyers. Brands need to realise that in order to gain a reputation they have to respond to the grievances of their consumers. Looking after your consumers will help you gain  consumer loyalty and trust. Seeking for potential consumers is of vain unless you can’t retain the present one’s.

Customer service through social media

Recent times have shown increasing interaction of customers through customer care services. They get their queries sorted and rely very much on customer care services for any inconvenience caused.

People will say good or bad, you need to look into both. You need to be aware what people are talking about. What people are speaking about your company? Whether they like your services or products? Was your approach towards them pleasing or otherwise? Just the negatives don’t matter. Also keep track of the appraises received. Remember, every detail matters, each small step counts.

Authenticity and transparency will be paramount

Its high time businesses take a stand for their shortcomings and address them openly. Concealing the truth is not the way to deal with failures. The audience has become way smarter, they circumspect, they know how to tackle such situations and spoil a brand name. A few bad reviews can tamper your hard earned goodwill in the market. Therefore be more authentic and exhume and unfold layer by layer. 

Authenticity matters in social media marketing

Ignoring transparency is a severe misconception in the market. It demands as much attention as aspects like quality of product, timely delivery and customer satisfaction do. If the process is transparent, the consumer will be relaxed, making the process less stressful. The need to constantly updating can be avoided if the entire process is built on transparent grounds.

Social disinformation on the rise

The world has went topsy turvy in the past few decades in the field of technology. But a few old school people like to keep it simple. The ever increasing frauds and fake enterprises makes them even more cautious. Before establishing a connection with a particular brand people do a thorough backgrounds analysis in order to attain complete satisfaction. Hence, brands need to become more transparent in their functioning.

How to capitalize on 2021 social media trends?

Niche platforms growing in popularity

 Understanding where your audience spends majority of their time can help you prioritize. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc., are a few popular social media platforms providing overwhelming traffic. A normal human being spends approximately 3 hours on an average on these platforms. In order to capitalize on trends an enterprise needs to concentrate on building a reach on these platforms. Target what is desirable.

Social media as a discovery engine

You are using a service. From where did you got to know about it? Most probably through social media, was the reply of a majority of people. Hence, social media is a powerful tool to spread awareness among the masses.

Social commerce is the future

What suits one doesn’t match the desires of others. But Social media has it all. The things you can’t even imagine, the products you never heard of, its all there.  Social media offers it all at just a few finger click. 

Because of the convenience it offers, it is well preferred by people. The present scenario of pandemic and lockdown adds more to it’s desirability. 

Marketing through social media has seen on it’s prime during the pandemic. It’s the best time to catch up to the trends if you haven’t yet. The inaccessibility of window shopping has bought more people towards exploring brands through social media. The busy schedules makes it almost impossible to step out but with social media all is possible. The value of physical markets has been deteriorating and marketing through social media is at its golden phase. So, what are you waiting for. Jump into the ocean of resources and capitalize.

Build your brand

Establishing a business and making profit out of it takes years but not with social media. Social media helps reduce the time of spreading the word. Your brand gets instant recognition.

Newer brands often suffer at the early stages. Resources are limited and revenue generated is bare minimum. Therefore, take the aid of social media marketing. Companies like Satva design studio can guide you in the process. Once the word goes out in the market there is no looking back. You will grow more and more.

Social media marketing is the most reliable as there is no middle party involved. You directly promote your brand and interact with your consumers.

Start profiting from social media videos

With millions and billions of people on social media it is more likely for a brand to get acknowledged. Once your brand gets recognised making profit becomes easy. Interested consumers directly approach your brand for commodities and you are profited instantly. With people from all over the world and with completely different needs there will be some one or the other who desires for what you serve.

Ready to stay on top of social media trends?

One thing brands have realised is that in order to get recognised they need to develop their presence on all prominent social media platforms. What people see is what they admire. Whether you are a dominant business enterprise or an emerging brand, you need to understand the power of social media marketing.

Are you looking to out-source your social media services? Satva Design Studio is a full-service B2B marketing services company that starts with the big picture to ensure that all of your promotional efforts are closely integrated. After all, if your marketing efforts aren’t working together, they’re working against you.

social media trends

These social media trends are not constant. They fluctuate every now and then. What was trending yesterday may go out of fashion today. The ride is whimsical but the destination is definitely rewarding. Hopping into a trend early will help you master it and standard out from others. In such cases, experience overpowers knowledge. Keeping up with the trends should be one of the priorities of enterprises. Managing trends and customizing them according to the desires of the business is imperative.

Social media marketing is a bliss for the newbies as well as the established business. One needs to target the right platform. Choices are infinite. Opting towards what suits you best is what makes the difference. Social media trends will come and go but your dedication and patience will help in building a concrete foundation.

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