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15 Types of Video for Social Engagement and Their Utility

Everything in this world is created for a particular purpose. Using those things for different purposes can work but would it be efficient? Definitely not. The same rule applies to videos. There are huge varieties of different types of video categories available in the market. You need to look for the one which resonates with your content. You also need to check out the type of videos your audience would prefer.  How to choose the perfect video category? For all your animation services queries, Satva Design Studio comes to your aid. 

Following are different types of videos and when you should use a particular type.

1. Animations

 Everyone of us must have enjoyed watching cartoons in our childhood. They are an example of animation. In animation still images are placed one after the other to give an illusion of movement. 

Explaining things in the normal way may appear boring. Animations uplift  the quality of your video. They can be used to explain technical and scientific concepts, which are not feasible in reality. Animations can be used to depict objects that cannot be created in the real world. 

If a production house or an individual doesn’t have enough money to build expensive sets and hire actors, animations comes handy. In addition to that, you can create the desired product accurately and independently.

Types of animations-

Broadly, animations can be subdivided into 3 categories-

  •  2 Dimensional – 

Also known as 2-D animations. They are flat in nature. They incorporate only length and breadth and are devoid of depth. They come with the drawback of making conceptualisation tough.

  •  3 Dimensional – 

Popularly recognised as 3-D, are animations having length, width as well as depth. They have become very popular now a days as they give a real life experience. They are extremely helpful for clearing concepts. Understanding phenomena’s of science, medicine and technology has become easy with the advent of 3-D animation.

  • Stop motion –  

Single frames are put together to depict different time spans of real life occurrences. They proved to be extremely helpful in examining natural events at a glance. Stop motion videos save the audience from sparing plenty of time. 

When to use animations?

  •  For promotional purposes- 

Utilize animations to enhance visual aspect of your product.

  • In explainer videos –

 Using animation to convey information makes it interesting and easy.

  • For marketing-

 Make things eye catching with animations. Your audience wouldn’t be able to resist using your product because of the charm of the animations.

2. Screen Casts

Sharing the screen to show detailed information sometimes becomes imperative. Screen casts are a recording of your screen later delivered in the form of a video. 

   Are screen casts effective?

Explaining how things work on a mobile, laptop or any related device becomes stress free. Any procedure can be explained smoothly using screencasts.

The only catch is to monitor your personal information from being exposed.

3. Tutorial Videos

Before the advent of technology people consulted their elders for information. Things have changed now. People straight away look online for anything and everything. This is when tutorial videos became popular. 

What is the right time to start producing tutorials?

 Tutorials are evergreen. People will need their aid to understand concepts. 

If you want to make things crystal clean for the audience, don’t hesitate to create tutorial videos.

4. Live Videos

Live videos are shot at real time.

The advantage of live videos is that they can be viewed live or even recorded for audience to have a look later. Therefore, no one will miss on the updates. 

They also open the door for audience interaction and are not monotonous. People can openly communicate and get their doubts rectified.

When to go live?

  • Introducing your firm –

Live videos can be used to introduce your team to the audience. Flaunting your workspace and equipment’s live is appreciated by the consumers.

 One can receive instant feedback from the audience through live chat feature.

  • Story time videos-

These videos describe a event that took place recently. There is not much needed in them.Creating them live makes them bona fide. The audience is able to relate and connect with you instantly.

5. Graphic Videos

Graphic videos uses geometric shapes and texts to present data.

Music, sound or voice over can be added to make them more precise.

When to use graphic videos?

 In order to create a scenario that will take place in the future, graphic videos come handy.

One can introduce their strategies. What is to be achieved can be demonstrated through graphics.

6. White Board Videos

 What better than hand drawn pictures to enchant the public. White board videos consists of pictures drawn on a white background. One can assume them to be a manual form of animation videos.

Should you use white board videos?

Social media is flooded with  animations, vlogs, shorts, graphics etc. If you are not a sheep of the same flock you can switch to white board videos. The are scarce and by using them you can deliver some unique, out of the box content.

6. Typography Videos

Moving words and text can be put up in the form of a video. This style of video making is called typography. They can be used in situations where displaying relevant images is not possible.

They are also a great way to deliver notes and keep the audience engaged.

When to switch for typography?

Typography has made delivering simple information easier.To the point and brief content can be accurately delivered using typographic videos. 

They can be used when you want the audience to only focus on the information. It helps avoid distraction. 

These videos also saves your energy and time. They don’t require a whole lot of technical knowledge. Because of the ease of use they are preferred by the beginners. 

7. Vlogs 

Probably, they are the most attention grabbing videos of the entire lot.  

Vlog stands for video blog. It is just like a blog but in a video format. Vlogs include day to day activities of individuals or groups. One just has to pick up any camera be it your mobile camera and start talking to the audience. Share your routine with the audience and you are all set to go. There is no additional effort required. It does not require any sort of acting skill or script. Its just spontaneous and that is what the audience craves for. 

Another plus factor of vlogging  is that there is no predefined format. Meaning one can customise according to their will.

Remember to include only the informative and interesting parts. Trim off the others to avoid boredom. 

When to start vlogging?

Frankly speaking, there is no fixed time to start vlogging. Every time is a good time. Whenever you feel like sharing part of your journey with the people you can get started. Vlogs can be useful when you don’t want to reveal things entirely but just want to give a glimpse and maintain transparency.

8. BTS videos

No, no. BTS doesn’t refers to the popular k-pop band. BTS stands for Behind The Scenes. These include  the work that goes behind the camera.

      When to post BTS videos?

A lot of effort goes behind filming a few minutes long video. But mostly it gets unrecognised. BTS holds those parts of video that you want to share but cannot make them a part of the final produce.

BTS provides an interesting way of upcycling the left over sections of your videos.

The work that has been chopped off in the edit can be used innovatively to deliver more content. Behind The Scene videos are a saviour when you are not able to produce new content. They are sparingly used which can be considered as a waste of time and effort. By posting more and more of BTS you can become a trend setter.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like watching bloopers? Sometimes they can be more humorous than the final video.

9. Webinars

Gone are the days of seminars. Webinars have completely taken their place. Booking halls, setting up equipment’s, hiring people, is no longer necessary. The small screen of your mobile or laptop is enough.

Will conducting a webinar be                    profitable?

Of course it is. Webinars are usually delivered by experts. Who doesn’t want an expert’s advice? People are drawn towards webinars like ants on sugar cubes. A company can use the webinars to attain recognition.

10. Event Videos

Grand celebration are a big part of our culture. Events bring together people from different niches. It becomes euphoric for people to witness such a big party.

 Should one post event videos?

Why not? These is nothing wrong in  sharing your happiness with others. Those who were not able to attend the event get to see it at the comfort of their home. What better than this?

11. Ted Talks

Many people fantasize on hearing real life success stories. Ted talks are motivational and inspirational stories of people directly from them.

     Will Ted talks fetch audience?

 In the world full of uncertainties,       people seek for some sort of motivation. What better than hearing a real life inspiring story? They are the honest confessions of individuals who has gone through crisis. Nobody can inspire people more than the person who has himself faced and overcame challenges.

12. Interviews

Putting conversation in question and answer form is called interview. They are very straight forward. Only relevant information is shared to the masses.

Are interviews worth it?

Definitely, through interviews many of the queries of the audience gets addressed. The questions they had wondering in their minds gets answered.

13. Testimonials

Testimonials are the views of your existing user. What they felt like after using your product or services can be filmed and delivered to your potential customers.


In order to convince your audience testimonials can play a major role. The thoughts and reviews of an existing user are enough to satisfy people.

14. Product Review Videos

Raging from review of most expensive cars to reviewing water, review videos are flourishing.

Utility of product reviews.

Seeing what the original product/output looks like stimulate consumers to emphasise on purchasing it. They get the most truthful analysis of the product. Seeing the features, audience can decide for themselves whether to purchase a product or not.

15. Shorts

They have come in trend recently and are becoming more and more popular. Shorts are small videos of just a few seconds. They can include sketches, announcements, updates, information, and what not.

When to utilize shorts?

Shorts can be used to deliver trivial information. If you have anything urgent and is too complicated to explain, go for shorts. Written information may go unnoticed but videos won’t. To make important announcements, shorts are apt.

Knowing the right way of delivering information is imperative. It decides what kind of audience you draw. Hence, look for the one that is most suitable. If you are confused and finding difficult to choose the correct match contact Satva Design Studio for in-depth knowledge.

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