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6 Creative Strategies That Produce Amazing Earned Media from Bloggers

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6 Creative Strategies That Produce Amazing Earned Media from Bloggers

March 31, 2016 Kristen Matthews

6 Creative Strategies That Produce Amazing Earned Media from Bloggers | Social Media TodayWhen it comes to blogger outreach, there are a lot of good strategies, but fewer great ones. I don’t know about you, but if I'm going to spend the time and money on blogger outreach I want the media that I earn from it to be great not just good.

And that’s where my role at GroupHigh comes in. I’ve had the pleasure of helping marketers execute blogger outreach strategies of all shapes and sizes, and one thing I've noticed that's often overlooked, are the sprinkles of creativity in what brands are requesting from bloggers.

Instead of asking for a product review or a mention, the best strategies always go a step further and add an element of creativity. The best blogger outreach outcomes happen when a strategy is part of a bigger idea and tells a story.

1. Organize a Collaborative Post

Think of a topic that would appeal to your brand’s consumers and the bloggers you work with. Ask the bloggers a question or give them a chance to weigh in on the same topic and turn it into a piece that captures all of their answers.

This type of content is more sharable than an average blog post and really helps to create a strong network of influential voices for your brand.

Check out how I teamed up with Lee Odden to create an ebook that was full of advice from marketers, it was amazing.

2. Conduct a Survey

A great way for you to create content that speaks to your target consumers is to produce yuor own relevant research. Surveying your bloggers, and potentially even surveying their audiences, is a great way to get premium content and get your wider community involved.

3. Organize a Challenge

Instead of asking for simple mention or product review, challenge your bloggers to partake in a bigger story.

A perfect example is when prAna challenged their bloggers to wear the same pair of prAna pants for seven days and take pictures of what they did that week to show off how functional the pants are. You can read more about it here.

4. Send them Surprise Packages

One of the most crucial pieces of an excellent blogger outreach strategy is maintaining communication with the bloggers you work with. My favorite way to make sure brands stay on the brains of bloggers is to periodically mail them products. Not only does this show the bloggers you want to nurture your marketing relationship, but a surprise package is sure to earn your brand some cool photos and social posts.

5. Embrace seasonality

Always keep in mind the upcoming holidays and seasons so that you can find creative ways for your brand to fit into events that are important to your bloggers and consumers. From planning ahead to make sure your product is in a blogger’s gift guides around Christmas time to working with your bloggers to announce your new summer line of dresses – forward preparation makes all the difference.

6. Cater to Nostalgia

Find a way to encourage your bloggers to remember something or write about a time in their lives that evokes nostalgia. Nostalgia is craved by consumers and sells products. For example, a fashion brand could have their blogger network share pictures of themselves in ugly Christmas sweaters from when they were a kid, then pair it with a picture of them in the new sweater the brand has released. A food brand could encourage bloggers to write about the first dish they ever cooked and weave the brand into their post by having them all use the same hashtag.

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