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Start your startup

A startup is a young organisations with less than 100 members. Though it may be a small organisation but settings up a startup is a huge challenge. Dealing with legal issues, accounting, sales, marketing, human resources, etc. is a magnificent task.

  1. Before stepping into the world of start up one needs to look into the deeper aspects. Acknowledging the commitment and the hurdles on the path is imperative. One should be prepared to leave no stone unturned. A start up demands time, dedicated, patience, energy and faith.

 Steps towards setting a startup

  1. Come up with a unique idea.
  2. Create a plan.
  • Get funding.
  1. Hiring employees.
  2. Naming your organisation.
  3. Looking into legal matters.
  • Focus on developing your product or service.
  • Get a location or website.
  1. Background analysis.
  2. Management.
  3. Accounting.
  • Try to drive traffic.
  • Be prepared to work harder than expected.

Social media marketing services

SMM or social media marketing is  creating and delivering relevant and quality content on social media to attract potential customers. It is also referred to as e-marketing or digital marketing. Social media marketing involves the management of a marketing campaigns.


Importance of social media marketing

Social media marketing is highly essential because raise awareness about your resource and promote your company. It also helps connect with your target audience. SMM drives traffic. Social media marketing has also proven to be effective in influencing the market, its demands and needs.


Different tactics, tools and platforms that can be used for social media marketing are enlisted below-

  • Websites

Websites allows business to build relationships with potential consumers. They allow to establish virtual companies which can operate online.

  • Blogs

One needs to put together their thoughts and ideas in a way that are easy to digest for the audience and appeal to the audience. Blogging is the most pocket friendly way of promotion.


  • Social media posts

The simplest way of social media marketing is posting on various social media platforms. By consistently posting a brand ensures that it gets recognized in the market and drives consumers.

Social media marketing will form the core of your business expansion. It will increase your success rate and market visibility.

Social Media Creative or Post Design services

Social Media Creative Design

An image is worth more than a thousand words. Social media has grown tremendously in the past decade. It has enabled business to promote their products and services at a reasonable cost. There are several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube through which a brand can broaden its reach.

Although, social media has opened the doors for organic promotion but it has also increased the competition. Numerous brands are promoting their products via social media. Hence, it has become important for businesses to up their game. Then only they will be able to  enter into the brain and heart of their consumers. In order to achieve this social media design is very important.

Social media design is the visual content used for digital marketing. It is vital in building awareness about a particular brand. In order to grab the attention of the customers, a strong social media presence is essential. Consumers tend to spend fractions of seconds on promotional posts. Hence, visuals are best suited to convey a large sum of information at a glance. Consumers will only respond towards those brands whose social media designs are distinct.

Here are a few for social media design.

  • The quality of your social media design should be maintained.
  • The font used should be properly visible.
  • Use different ways of promotion. Never stick to the old, traditional boring ways. Always look for something different.
  • Try to explain your services through storytelling. Don’t straight away promote your brand. Take the help of social issues to raise awareness about the usage of your products.
  • Small quote can be used to convey information in minimum words.
  • Include customer testimonials and reviews. This will help build trust for your brand.

Package design services

Package design

Package design is the creation of the exterior of a product. It helps in keeping the product safe and secure. It is also a great way of organisation and eases the handling of products. It makes the delivery of products easier.

Packaging may be done in a box, a metallic can, a bottle, or any sort of container. Package design includes choosing appropriate packaging material and most importantly the graphics, colours, fonts  and logo that are going to be embossed or imprinted on the wrapping material.

The package design needs be attractive enough in order to grab the attention of the consumers. The product being sold inside the packaging needs to be displayed effectively on the package design.

The package design should mention the product being sold, its uses, the ingredients it is made of, its manufacturing and expiry date, amount of product present in the package, its cost and many other significant details.


Effective package design tips

  • Select the appropriate packaging material according to the product being stored in the package.
  • The package design must include the logo of the brand.
  • The font and colours should be chosen according to the product being featured.
  • The package design must include the information a brand needs to deliver for a particular category of products.
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