Interactive training material creation

Interactive training involves learners in their own learning experience. This training can be in any form be it quizzes, dramas or even games. It is one of the most effective training methods in the workplace.

Here are a few ways to create Interactive training material-

  • Firstly, it should comprise of decision making scenarios. This helps not only in learning but also teaches the application of the knowledge imparted.
  • It should incorporate practical knowledge rather than theoretical teaching.
  • Dividing the material into sections can prove to be useful.
  • Increase the use of visuals, graphics, images and audio and minimize the using excessive quantity of text.
  • The content should be precise and on point.
  • Try to creative a Interactive environment. Let the learners feel free to question every aspect of the teaching.
  • End the activity with a question or assignment.

Interactive training lets the trainees explore several dimensions on their own. The learners don’t feel bored or exhausted at any point of time. It is a fun and effective mode of learning especially for beginners. The knowledge and experience gained through interactive learning tends to last life long. It has also proven effective in building team spirit among the members of a company or an institution.

Idea to product creation services

Idea to product

All the products are a result of some person’s imagination. The foundation of the Innovation of a product is based on our requirements. As technology advances, there is the scope of the invention of newer and newer products. In order to make our lives comfortable, there are several ideas and these ideas turn into products.

Steps to turn an idea to a product

  • Be creative.

Creativity will enable a person to look at the deeper aspects of life and think of hidden opportunities. Keeping an open mind will permit a person to develop creative products.

  • Jot down your ideas.

Penning down your thoughts helps you remember them and it gives you a detailed view of what you are striving towards.

  • Research

In-depth knowledge of any idea is mandatory. The products developed after research tends to give more results.

  • Think

Find out whether your idea will give rise to a product which would be functional and useful. The product should target the problems of current scenario.

  • Be unique

There are several products available in the market. Make sure your idea is explicit. Adding the same products to the lot will cause no significant changes.

  • Resources

Make sure that you have the skills or resources and time to turn your idea into a product.

  • Investment

Launching a product in the market is a big deal. It involves a large sum of money. You need to be prepared with investment plans beforehand.

  • Develop a prototype

Develop a prototype of your idea to visualise its pros and cons efficiently.

  • Commercialise your idea

Once your idea has taken the form of a product you need to commercialise it.

  • Market your product

You need to introduce your product in the market to allow it to reach the consumers.

  • Feedback

Consumer feedback is essential to validate your product. There is always scope for improvement. So, take criticism in a positive way and seek for improvement.

Explainer videos for business

Visuals tend to grab more attention of audiences than text or audio. They consume less time to supply a wide set of information and hence are most preferred by viewers. They channelize a huge flow of traffic. Video marketing show increased returns. Therefore, they are extremely crucial part of every marketing agenda.

What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are short online videos used for promoting your company’s product or service. Their length can vary form a few seconds to a few minutes. Explainer videos deliver information in a short, informative, colorful and eye catching manner.

Explainer videos generally appear on the home page of the company’s website.

Advantages of explainer videos for business?

  • Explainer videos are a great way to introduce a concept in a precise way.
  • They make a memorable impression and are more appealing.
  • There might be a quick overview of your product, service, or company.
  • It’s an easy point of entry for people who are unaware about your product or service.

Nowadays nobody has got the time to read a descriptive text. Hence, a short video which supplies all the relevant information in a simple and understandable fashion has become the tool of all the business who want to increase their reach in the market.

E-commerce for small business

E-commerce stands for Electronic commerce. It is the buying and selling of goods or transmission of funds or data, over an electronic network. E-commerce and e-business are used synonymously. E-commerce can be either from business to business or from business to consumer.

Through e-commerce consumers can access through their own devices at the ease of their house. They can choose from a wide range of products displayed online and can order for all sorts of  products. Once they place their order they are asked to put up their details. This information reaches the supplier who in turn provides the necessary services or products. The payment can be done before hand through online transaction or it can be done later on through cash on delivery option.

E- commerce has brought a boom in the business industry by giving a chance for small business who don’t have the capacity to buy or rent a huge place in order to establish their business. It has helped small business flourish and get themselves acknowledged without a large investment. It also requires less man power. An additional advantage of e-commerce is that it can be operated at any time of the day. It enhances small business by providing easy access to the customers. A business can establish international reach through e-commerce.

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