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Do you know what is a buffer site and its importance? (Part – I)

penalties of link building. Buffer site is a wall for your money sites which created by you with the help of different sites. Ohke…..if you take an example then you protect your home or garden with fencing to avoid unwanted entries in your area called protection. Same as we can consider buffer sites as protection or wall for your main money sites to protect it from link building penalties. If you are trying to build powerful links quickly then buffer site is necessary for you. Why and how buffer site protects your site from penalties? Buffer sites have high authority and trust so it avoids any harm which comes direct to your site. And buffer sites also passes juice to our site because of its trustworthiness and high authority. It also increases value of your site as well. But you need to remember that the content you are using to buffer sites must be relevant to pages of our money site. Buffer sites can be divided into two types. 1) Web 2.0 sites (Mainly blog type sites where you can put contents or link of your money sites) 2) Private Blog network sites   (Not for public) But both need their own separate IP addresses. What are the private networks? Here is the short description which will give you idea. A network of site created by you on hosting which supports multiple IPs. If you start a hosting company and your site is a server with its unique IP, like this all network has its own unique IP addresses usually for WordPress or Drupal Blogs. Because of aged domains have high value it is important if added to aged domains. Next is it is best on related domains (E.g if you have domain of car accessories and content is on women fashion accessories then it will not gain good ranking and result). Now something in detail about public web 2.0 networks:- Public site you have created must be on different IPs. These sites not only support articles and linking but also videos and rss etc. Majority of these sites are free so that many accounts can be created. As we have discussed earlier content must be related to your site. Web 2.0 is sites such as,,,, Tumbler, Soulcast, Hubpages etc. The main advantage is a web 2.0 site is you can add lot of contents to get backlinks to your money site. This graph will give you detail idea of buffer site linking. [caption id="attachment_2493" align="aligncenter" width="319"]Buffer Site Save your money site with direct penalties with the help of Buffer sites[/caption] More detail idea about buffer site we will see in next Part –II. Please share your idea and comments below.]]>

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