Do you know what is a buffer site and its importance? (Part – II)

part – 1 perfectly. Now we are moving towards part –II. As you have seen image in part 1 showing submission sites on the left hand (BLUE) and the wall of protection called buffer sites (PINK) on the right hand sites. Let’s see now how to create buffer sites. Open the site buffer first of all. Go to the navigation page and start to register for new account with your user name, password, email id and captcha etc. Validate you mail id to complete your registration and login to the site. And now you can post as much you like. You can post links and contents of your money site. There are some sites which will not allow you to post contents or links as soon as you have created your new site like, It will take some time to allow you to post your articles or links. But rest sites like wordpress, live journal or tumblr don’t have this restriction for you. You can post immediate after you create your site.  It is the best practice to stuff not more than two links in an article. The content you are going to push in buffer sites must be clear and informative with minimum 450 words in it. More than 500 will be consider as an ideal post. The main thing to be remembered is that, you must link to inner and relevant page of your money site when you put links to your articles. As shown on list of buffer sites and also shown in the image in part – I. You can create your sites with the help of registration, validation and posting. There are so many software available in market which can create it for you. But it is highly recommended to do it manually. One question will arise in mind of most SEOs that using software is harmful to site? I will personally say Yes and No both. If you do link building or stuffing contents with the help of software within limit will not harm but vice-versa. Software allows you to access so many sites together and can work double, triple than manually but using it in limitation can also give you good result. This is all for buffer sites and its importance and use. Once again here I want to repeat that buffer sites are the great wall to save your site from direct penalties of Google. Use it properly and keep safe your money site. Send us your feedback and comments below.]]>

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