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Focus on Customer Service: Shutterstock

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Focus on Customer Service: Shutterstock

November 11, 2015 Dan Gingiss

A supplier of more than 60 Million stock photos, vectors, videos, and music tracks, Shutterstock provides individuals and businesses with “subscriptions and images on demand for every budget”. As social media continues to become more and more visual, it’s no wonder that Shutterstock fits right in from both a marketing and customer service perspective.

The company is currently in the midst of integrating its social care team into the larger customer service organization, in order to realize efficiencies and support the effort to offer 24/7 service in multiple languages. Sarah Maloy, Senior Manager of Content Marketing for Shutterstock, talked with the two Dans (Gingiss & Moriarty) for Episode 18 of the Focus on Customer Service podcast.

Some choice quotes from the discussion:

  • “We are always sharing highly curated, beautiful imagery that’s really trying to inspire people.”
  • “We’re working on ways that we can expand what we’re doing from a customer support perspective in social by integrating with Shutterstock’s overall customer support team.”
  • “The most important thing in social media and in customer care is not to have the exact, correct, approved wording, but to show people that there’s a human there and that you genuinely want to help.”Focus on Customer Service: Shutterstock | Social Media Today

Here are the highlights of the episode and where to find them:

1:30 Sarah’s background and an overview of Shutterstock

2:35 Shutterstock’s social customer care program

6:34 The role imagery plays in Shutterstock’s business and social media presence

9:18 Which channels Shutterstock’s customers use for social care

10:20 Shutterstock’s global expansion plans, including multiple language support

13:06 Sarah’s advice to others in the social customer care space

Thanks to Phil Mershon for nominating Shutterstock for the podcast. If you’d like to suggest a brand for a future episode, please tweet us using the hashtag #FOCS. The Focus on Customer Service podcast is also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

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