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How personal profile can work better than business profile in Facebook (Part – I)

Facebook as social media

Want to share pics, videos or some interesting news? Or want to market your products or services? Yes, Facebook is not a new term for anyone. Whenever someone talks about social media, Facebook will come in mind first of all. We all know that how to use it but there are some hidden but effective way to get maximum result. Let’s check it in this article. There are two ways to use Facebook. One is as personal profile and second as for marketing purpose called business profile. When Facebook came into existence, most people were using as personal profile. But now a day Facebook is the highest using stage to promote business very effectively and speedily. Let’s first of all check difference between personal profile and business profile. For that you must create your own profile. While making your profile there are many choices that you have which can make it stronger and effective. If you have business and you want to market your business then definitely the thing will come in your mind that “Business Profile” is better for you. Then you are wrong. Read this article to know why personal profile can work better than business profile. The reasons you will get here why you need to set up your personal profile to get maximum exposure. Business profile can be used for individual who want to manage likes or adds campaign for business. That means if you are paying for traffic to Facebook then business profile works for you. But if you want free organic traffic, you should go for personal profile. Business profile does not have same functionality as personal profile has. Because of you have limited access with your business profile; you can only access adds campaign and like pages. The main drawback of business profile is that you cannot send or receive friend request. Creating effective personal profile can give your business good result. Here we will see how to create personal profile page so that your business can get extra zoom in market. To create your personal profile you need to sign up first. Fill all the detail in first step and may be you will be asked for captcha solve in second step. Sign up is very easy process. If you want to add some personal detail about you then you can but if you don’t want to fill then you can add it later. After finish your mail confirmation you will be taken to another page of your account where you can find your friends from your different accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and Comcast and other. If you don’t want to do so then click on ‘profile’ option on the upper corner of your right hand. Here you can set your profile in detail. Now it’s time to configure it properly. To configure your personal profile read and follow these steps. You need to add your personal profile picture where you can add your picture or banner (where you can show your full name, your services and your website name). Important thing is, if you want to upload your banner then you are not allowed more than 200pxl X 375pxl. Move to your Info page now where you can fill your every personal detail. Don’t forget to write something about your bio because people will connect with you easily if your bio is interesting or informative. Fill about yourself as much as possible so that people can know more about you. As this article going to long we will discuss in next article about how to create your User name and how to go through some setting and application which can be useful to your business. Your valuable comments and suggestions are welcome.  ]]>

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