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How personal profile can work better than business profile in Facebook (Part – II)

Facebook as social media

I hope part – I gave you related information and some good knowledge. Today here I am going to serve you Part –II where you will get more details about same topic. Today in this topic we will see about how to create user name, privacy setting and something very important about your wall and how to invite friends using email address. In this topic I am not going to give you introduction about Facebook, which we already did in Part – I. How to create your username: – Now if we talk about user name then many people will surely think that it is so simple step. Yes it is simple but it is so necessary to create simple and easily searchable user name so that anyone can search you easily. E.g. is easy to remember, but if you make your user name like then it will be useless. Go to the account setting and you will find option of user name there. Before you change your user name you will have to verify that it is your own account via mobile. Don’t worry to provide your mobile number, it is highly safe. It will be not published anywhere or not stored in any database of Facebook. Privacy setting: – This setting will allow you to control what information you share. Click on account setting and the second last option will be there for Privacy. You will find some default and recommended setting which has been already set by Facebook. You can change that setting with the help of customize setting option where you can set all the privacy about your contact information, pics and videos, your friend list, your birth date, mobile number, e-mail address etc. In short you can change setting what personal information you want or don’t want to share with the public.  Your wall: – Wall is the nerve center of our profile where you can get shared things and you can share your stuffs.  Might you know or may not but someone can write something your wall. If that person is your friend then ok but if not then that person can write something very bad which can spoil your wall image. So it is very important to allow only friends to write on your wall. Finding friends with email id: – As we are discussing about how to use personal profile to promote your business rather than using business profile, you need to have good friends list. It is very easy and simple way to invite or find friends with the help of e-mail id. As we don’t have big pocket for marketing like big companies we must have to rely on good relationship in form of good friends list. Click on the Find Friends button. As Facebook changes frequently, if you don’t find that button then go to account and click on edit friends where you will find same option on the left hand side of the page. Isn’t it easy? Type email address which you want to make friend. If you are doing it first time then Facebook may ask you for permission to connect with email. It will automatically import your contact from your mail address (Gmail, Yahoo, Aol and others, which one you are using). Just click on Add as Friends, boom… have a good amount of friends now. You can also invite friends using groups as well. People like to meet people mostly to share or to receive shared things. So people like to personal profile most with compare to business profile. That’s why here in this and prior topic I have been described that why personal profile can give more benefit to you. Business profile mainly made to have huge amount of likes from people, but if you build your personal profile then it will indirectly give you likes when you will make more and more friends. We are pretty sure that Part-I and part-II helped you better or will help you in future. Just share your thoughts or ideas to motivate us to serve you better.  ]]>


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