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How retargeting helps you achieve best customers on social media

How retargeting works? When a customer visits a certain landing page of the site and leaves. That means he/she has shown the intent of buying that product, it puts a cookie on that customer’s web browser. In other words, you are only targeting to people who are interested in your product. If they leave your website without making a purchase, you can then serve them a retargeting ad, promoting your goods or service as they browse elsewhere on the web. retargeting   Let us say a person is searching for a mobile to buy. He lands on your website and leaves without making any inquiry or purchase. In the previous case, that was the end of story. But by retargeting there is still an opportunity to get that customer or client. Now continuing with the same scenario. Person logs into facebook to check on notifications or a status update, there he sees an ad of your mobile in newsfeed or sidebar, which he/she previously intended of buying. She clicks the ad and makes the purchase which she was initially considering. So, in this example, retargeting was able to help save a sale that may have been lost forever. How we can help? We can create your retargeting list, which can walk you through a perfect audience. We would be able to segment your audience into different lists, and also able to have a master list to market to as well. After that, we can select a conversion goal to achieve, whether be it purchase of your product, RSVP to an event or signups for a newsletter. Whatever is you want consumers to do as a result of your retargeting ads will be measured here. 10935975_556237827812679_1882918191_n   How to create facebook retargeting ad? Custom Audiences from your website are a powerful way for you to reach people on Facebook after they’ve visited your site. It helps you to reach customers who’ve already shown interest and re-engage them to make your adverts even more impactful. perfect-audience-template-is-set-for-you-246x300Set the ad according to specs. Come up with an attention grabbing graphics and a great caption lines in an allotted space. The last thing is launching your campaign at a perfect time. Select the targeting list, set your budget and track the conversion rate.As data starts rolling plenty of metrics are available to be tracked. With retargeting campaigns, because we’re reaching people who have already shown a prior interest in your offering or product, the ads get clicked on 200-400% more often. The remarkable performance of retargeting campaigns is why anyone and everyone doing business on the web should be doing it. No matter how memorable or interesting your business, most people who visit your site are going to leave without signing up, buying, or contacting you. Retargeting keeps your brand in front of them after they leave giving you second, third, even fourth chance to bring them back to convert.   Want to start your retargeting for your business or have any more questions leave a comment below or Write us on]]>

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