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How to use Twitter properly as social media

Twitter as social media Twitter is accepted as highest traffic supplier social media site.[/caption] As we all know that social media became breath of all websites. You need to involve in all social media sites and show your unique presence on social media. For that you have to go through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and so many social sites. We will talk about one by one in every content. Today we will do discuss about   social media. What to do and what not to do.  Hope this information will be helpful to all seo’s to improve usability of Twitter as social media marketing.  Forgive me if you know better than me; if yes then please share your ideas with me in my comment box. This will be pleasure for me. Twitter is the hottest and widely accepted social tool and also used as online marketing tool. It is highly important to have good and enough etiquette for using Twitter. The main base of Twitter is to interacting with users (Followers and Following) to discuss about particular subject or topic, spread news or for marketing of products and to spread knowledge. It indirectly builds trust between each other. Only marketing of particular product or links which are directly link to your business only (which doesn’t pass any information) will be consider by people as spammer. If you engage people in conversation as not marketing person but as real person will surely give you result. Asking question to people about your products or to share untouched information will surely make your different and standing image and you will surely earn good reward as respect. What not to do when using Twitter….. Don’t just post link of your products, service or your website. People will surely take you as spammer. As discussed earlier, you need to involve people in conversation and discuss about your products. Means don’t only talk about products, company or services. Secondly you need to write in proper language. Don’t blame or insult someone; means don’t use any negative words about someone. Next important thing is your activeness in Twitter. How much you are active, people will like you more. Give reply of every reply. Don’t ignore if someone replied or like you. It will create bonding between you and follower. Following more people then you following will be also create your image as spammy. For example if your followers are 100 and you are following 1000 then you will surely not get good concentration from people. Build your good profile slowly with great patience. Don’t follow bunch of people immediate after sign up for new account. Take enough time to follow people. After you get good stand up your following and follower, don’t be more political or controversial. Don’t pass or post controversial statements until it is highly needed. What to do when using Twitter….. To be a good and trustworthy user of twitter you need to have your profile image (you can say avatar).  Twitterhawk now became to Twithawk can be used for your company. It will be useful to mention your company on it. Be qualitative not quantitative.  Post which links to your own blog or news, keep it minimum and don’t go excessive. It is good practice to post once or maximum twice per day. Don’t just post one after another. The main thing to be considered is that you need to post under 140 characters. And don’t post twice or thrice in a row. Complete your bio-data so that people can know more about you and interact more with people with sharing your thoughts or ideas to create your rapport. Feel your homepage URL into your profile. Don’t demoralize anyone for their share or idea. If you like post or sharing of someone then you need to retweet it. It will also help you to maintain good relationship. Think twice before you post something. If you delete your post after tweet it, it doesn’t mean that it is deleted. Yes it is deleted from your wall but many of your followers have software that can download your posts automatically and they can read your deleted post too.  So be careful before posting something. Don’t send your personal message to someone on tour twitter page. Send them direct message if you want to share something personal. I hope this information will give you enough idea about Twitter. Share your thought and idea with us. Please comment below.]]>

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