Is Bing Trolling Google & Alphabet With ABC.WTF Redirect?


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Is Bing Trolling Google & Alphabet With ABC.WTF Redirect?

Google's name change/reorganization prompts a witty response from Redmond.

Martin Beck on August 10, 2015 at 7:51 pm
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Google’s big restructuring/name change news today has many people scratching their heads.

And perhaps the perfect reaction to the confusion came from Bing … well, perhaps it came from Bing.

The ABC.WTF domain now redirects to the Microsoft search engine.

Zing! Bing!

So is Microsoft officially having fun at Google’s expense? We emailed Microsoft to ask and will update if we hear back. The domain registration listing is private but the IP address points to the Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington.

Meanwhile, if you want more clarity about the Google to Alphabet changes, look no further than Danny Sullivan’s post on Marketing Land: Meet Alphabet, The New Conglomerate Absorbing Google That’s Run By Larry Page & Sergey Brin

Because it’s the Internet, the news has also launched a litany of one liners. You can check out some of the best of those on Twitter, also on Marketing Land: Twitter Takes On Google’s Alphabet: Today’s Best Tweets So Far

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