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There is a traditional and well understood process for generating customers for B2B businesses. The marketing team use a range of techniques from advertising to content and email marketing, with the aim of passing the leads generated to sales. The sales team manages leads, nurturing them into customers often using customer relationship management (CRM) software to track and quantify progress.

That’s how Google likes it, and that’s what will get your site ranked well.

At the heart of every Outweb project, is SEO. We are experts in SEO, Adwords marketing, Sales Funnel Creation, Social Media and just about any form of digital marketing.

We will install and setup every aspect of SEO on your website from scratch.

Right from determining the most effective site title & meta tags (based upon actual Google data), to site hierarchy and every piece of content (pages or posts). We have SEO in mind for every section of your website.

A lot of content writers are great with research and content creation. However, knowing how to optimise each piece of content for SEO, is a different ball game.

If your objective is to use your website to acquire more customers, generate leads and close more sales for your business, contact us today. We will help you design a website that produces such results.

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