Learn WordPress from beginning to end (Part – I)

Wordpress Make your own blog with the help of WordPress is very easy and effective.[/caption] Making blog and website is quite easier and effective with the help of WordPress. This article is for beginner who wants to create their own blog using WordPress. Here I am going to go through step by step tutorial. Just following it will give you enough idea that how it is easy to make blog with this. At the end of this article, you can write your precious comments and feedback. We will see following point in detail:- Signup Login and view blog How to use dashboard How to write first post How to manage WordPress theme How to manage custom header and categories How to generate pages and so much more…….   Now let’s start WordPress from the beginning. First of all you need to open WordPress.com and go to sign up button to create your own account. Sign up is the same and old process as we all know so no need to go in much deep. At the end of the process don’t forget to click on the button of Give me a blog option to get your own blog name. For example yourname.Wordpress.com. After click on the confirmation link in your mail your account is ready to use. Login page will take you to your new dashboard where you will find so many new buttons and command bar there. You will find my account, Dashboard and New post buttons on the top of the page.  We will see one by one in detail. In new updated WordPress you will find one blue window where you can start new blog with pressing register another blog option. Type your blog domain name, blog title, select language and set your privacy; your own blog is now on the way. In privacy setting make sure that you allow your blog to appear in search engines, Technorati and in public listing. After login again, you are now on your dashboard. You will find your blog title on the left upper corner which you have selected at the time of registration. Congrats…you have now your own blog. You can also visit your own blog with the button visit site. “Hello World” will be the first and default entry which has been created by WordPress which you can change or delete later on. Now let’s move towards HOW TO USE DASHBOARD option. How to use your Dashboard Dashboard is actually your homepage or you can say desktop of your own blog. You can change, edit, delete or add anything from here. On the dashboard there are many options, with the help of these options you can add remove post, change themes, and add images and so many things you want to do. You will find a small window named right now (at a glance) where you will be given all information regarding your posts, pages, categories used by you, comments (approved, pending and spam). Means this is a short over view of your blog showing conclusion of your posts. On the right side of at a glance window you can see QuickPress window. This option allows you to publish your new post very quickly. Stats is also one of the great option which can show you visit per day to your site so that you can monitor daily visits to your site. On the left side you have so many applications menu like media, links, pages comments and many more. Which we will see in detail in next post.  Some backhand tools are also there below application menu like appearance, users, tools and setting. That also we will go through detail in next post. I hope this given information is quite informative for you. We will learn How to write your first post in next post and many more topics. Please don’t forget to share your ideas and feedback down here in comment box.]]>

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