Learn WordPress from beginning to end (Part – II)


Hello everyone. First of all thanks for your great feedback and appreciation for PART-I. Proudly we are going to post Part-II. And once again we are sure that this content will lead you to the success with WordPress. In this part we will discuss, How to write your first post How to manage WordPress theme May be all these things are not new for you but here is the full detail information, just following each sentence you can use WordPress yourself. How to write your first post You can start it with two ways. As we have seen at a glance section, you can click on 1 post to check your post and you can edit, delete or add post from there. And another way is to click on the post option from navigation bar to write / add your first post. ‘Hello world’ post is the default post from WordPress which you can delete it from there. Now click on the Add new post to start your first post. You will find so many empty boxes out there where you need to enter title, body, description and so many stuffs to make your post alive. There are two options in your article body part. One is Visual and second one is HTML. Do not worry if you are not good with HTML. You can use Visual part having option to align your sentences, making bold/italic/underline to particular word, quote adding, spell check, and add image, page linking and so many options to apply without HTML. But here i will personally suggest you to learn HTML because it is necessary on each and every step of seo. There are so many plug-in in WordPress which can help you in seo. After fill all the details click on publish button. Once your post will be published, you can see visit Post option (in yellow background) to view your post. How to manage your WordPress theme Now here is the detail about how to change appearance or look of blog. If you have created new account in WordPress then you can see default theme set by WordPress on your blog. It is again possible with two ways. In ‘at a glance’ window you can see your theme, you can change it from there pressing ‘change theme’.  Another way is to go through ‘appearance’ option in navigation menu to change theme. You will be shown your current theme, its designer and other details. Now scrolling your mouse you will find so many themes waiting to be a part of your blog. “Filter” option can give you different categories of blog theme to select. Just clicking ‘Activate’ can set it as your blog theme. It will be set as your current theme. Isn’t it easy? Again in the yellow box you will find notification about your theme activation. You can view your blog with new theme by pressing ‘visit blog’ option. If your blog having nice header then you can set your own desired header. That we will see in next part. You can share your feedback, idea and comments with us for Part- II or for upcoming parts to serve you better.]]>

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