Learn WordPress from beginning to end (Part – III)

Wordpress Making blog and website is quite easier and effective with the help of WordPress.[/caption] Once again thanks for the great feedback for Part-II. Today in this third part of WordPress we will cover following topics. How to manage header How to generate / edit pages Manage categories Let’s go towards detail now….. I hope you got very well that how to write your post and publish and how to change theme of blog. Now we will see….. How to manage header Wordpress is the best platform which allows you to put header image as you like very easily. Go to your dashboard then click on appearance and last click on custom header option. You can see here the default header of current theme which so many users are using so it is necessary to put your own header image to make your blog unique than others. Click on the browse option to choose your own header and upload it. Don’t be hurry, it may take 10-20 seconds to apply (Sometimes depends upon your internet speed). And there you are on your selected header image. If your image is larger than default size then you will have to crop it (option will be there automatically). Crop it and your header is on the way. Isn’t it easy? You can then visit your blog to see your unique header. Manage categories Now we have updated and customized blog. It is default in WordPress that your recent post will appear first in your blog but if you have different categories then it will be very hard to find out particular post related to particular category. So it becomes necessary to manage categories to make every content different according to their category. That’s why WordPress has given category option to publish your posts according to categories. It can be done by two ways. At a glance window will show you category option and in left side menu you can find category option in posts option. Your category window is open now where you can add, edit or delete categories. You will find one default category name ‘uncategorized’. You can add new category option given below and you can also add description in it. Description is not so necessary but you can add if you want. After pressing ‘Add category’ option there will be another category will be appear (with description if you had given). New category will show no posts in it because it is fresh category. Now if you want to add already published posts in to new added category then edit post will do so. Change category from there and successfully you have done. There is one more quick option to add category is very easy to find and use. In your post writing page, you can see add category option below categories option. If you are in middle of writing post you can add category anytime. This is all for this post. We will see how to add pages to blog, add media to post and some other topics in detail in next post.  ]]>

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