What logo design is and how it relates to a company’s marketing efforts



The theme of logo design is the apparent expression of a company’s forthcoming marketing efforts. Logos are constructed with careful consideration to decorate and market a business’ presence in order to preserve an unchanged public persona. When designing a logos, companies take into account to craft a unique identity that takes into account what they wish to convey to customer to maintain brand recognition. Companies also pay extreme caution in making sure their logos do not infringe on any others in this way so as not to dilute the strength of their brand image.



Gathering resources for logo design



A logo design typically starts with some sort of brainstorming gathering resources. You can gather free or paid resources offline or online for inspiration, but you need to be cautious that they are not copying an already existing logo. This includes different fonts, colors, icons, shapes, symbols, photos, graphics, etc. Once you have gathered all the resources you want to use, it is time to narrow down your list of possible logos. Most likely there will be too many options to pick from at this point, so try thinking about which one aligns more closely to what you are trying to represent.





There are tons of elements to consider when designing a logo whether its for print or website. When it comes to logo design, you want your logo to be timeless. But how do you achieve this?

Modern logo designers employ unique techniques that seamlessly combine both elegance and edge in order to create logos that will withstand trends. Some of these modern techniques include overlapping shapes, gradients, textures, unusual typography, etc. A famous example is Afrojack’s emblem that features three overlapping waves. This technique visually suggests the ‘organized chaos’ which is often found in today’s electronic music industry while elegantly demonstrating the third wave movement found in nature.





Designing the logo came with much consideration. We knew what our logo design needed to represent, but when figuring out how to depict that in the image, we had to brainstorm many different options. Finally, in order to stay in-line with our idea of conveying the company’s dedication to eco-friendly energy solutions, we settled for a clean and green illustration of planet Earth with solar panel lines in 2020.



Preparing the logo for printing or publication



Log design design has many expenses. You may need to look for a graphic designer or work with an advertising company if you are not confident about your abilities. If there are any mistakes, it is sometimes impossible to reprint to make sure everything looks professional. Your logo might be ambiguous without the additional text to help clarify things. It’s important that you take into consideration who will see your logo and what they will use it for. An icon needs only one color to allow people to recognize it globally whereas other logos require more complex coloring. Even to print simple shapes in black ink can be difficult, since the paper needs even to be white first.

5. Preparing the logo for printing or publication

Logo design design often



Conclusion: Recap on Logo Design



6. Conclusion: Recap on Logo Design
I have covered the 6 elements of Logo Design in this paper–convincing logo design with unusual shapes, using one color or a limited number of colors, introducing graduation, thinking strategically about the use of textures, consideration of scale, and viewing how realistic your designs are. With these 6 concepts being taken into account, anyone who has an interest in design should be able to generate not just a good brand but an unforgettable one.



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Logo design has changed dramatically over the years. Technology has greatly driven logo design by providing new ways to visualize high-quality designs that are easily accessible through the web.

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