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Miles Apart: How Men and Women Use Social Media and Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Miles Apart: How Men and Women Use Social Media and Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 26, 2015 Carianne King

We spend a lot of time talking about general trends in social media. How many adults are on Facebook, the top messaging apps among teens — but the data is actually more splintered than that. In particular, when you look more closely at the data, there is quite the disparity in what men and women are up to online. Keeping ahead of these facts could mean staying knowledgeable about the demographics that respond to your brand and why. And for those in the tech industry, maybe singular apps will start catering to different needs rather than trying to get everyone on board.

There’s no denying, for example, that women make up the lionshare of the Pinterest community. But what other facts about gender and social media are worth knowing? This infographic put together by Ruby Media Corporation offers some insights.

  • In general, men use social for business and dating. The top reason women use it include relationships, sharing, and entertainment.
  • Men are 56 percent likely to scan coupon codes; women only 39 percent
  • …However women are 71 percent likely to like or follow a brand on social for future deals (men only 18 percent likely)
  • Not all ads work equally: women are more likely to ignore mobile ads. The qualities of an ad that reach men and women equally are: humorous, aspirational, and celebrity endorsements.

See below for more great data on the issue:

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