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Whether you’re a smaller start-up or a larger business, we have experience working with a variety of clients and know how to provide the best digital solutions to meet your needs. 

Working closely together, we’ll make sure we’re on the same page from the start so you get the features you need, and the best product rather than the best sales pitch. At Satva Design Studio you won’t just get the product, you’ll get a partner that understands you and your needs, and helps you find the best approach.


Ecommerce Platforms & Processes

Build, launch and scale your business

Three Steps to a Multi-Million Dollar E-Commerce Business

Satva Design Studio employs a simple three-step process to grow your E-Commerce store from its current state to a multi-million dollar business, generating profits on autopilot.
  1. Turning Prospects into customers
  2. Enriching Customer Experience and Enriching Value
  3. Building an army of Loyal Supporters

Work with a Shopify Partner

Working with a Shopify Partner such as Satva Design Studio can put more money back into your pocket as you don’t need to pay for a Shopify subscription until your site is complete. This allows us to work on your site with an unlimited trial period – instead of the usual 14 days – giving your site the attention it deserves.

Magento Store Developers

 We Know Magento Web Development. Magento is tailor made for eCommerce and provides an open source framework that offers an exceptional range of features out of the box. The platform boasts an extensible API allowing integration with any kind of third party tool, is completely customisable and has the most robust international solution on the market today.

Online Payments & Shipping

You and your ecommerce website will be spending a lot of time together! So you need the backend functionality and content management system to be robust, intuitive and simple to use.
Online Payment for Ecommerce is primary requirement as well as shipping, we take care of all sort of payment gateway and shipping support. 

Ecommerce Automation

The problem is dead simple: as a business scales, the demands, complexity, and repetition mount. Systems that used to work become increasingly inefficient and break down. In response, companies turn to piecemeal workarounds that require time and attention from employees. Time spent on what’s important is sacrificed for time spent on what’s urgent, even when that’s just pushing buttons.

The first ecommerce automation platform that reduces manual tasks and frees your entire organization to focus on what matters.

Growing bigger, faster.



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