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OTT Platforms and Their Working

Binge watching and snacking late at night has become a part of our lifestyles. Watching our favourite web series, show or movie is the best way of rejuvenation. We all watch web series on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime, Voot, Hotstar, ALT Balaji, MX player, etc. We chat on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or some other platforms. These platforms are called OTT platforms.

OTT platforms are drastically replacing  television and movie theatres. May be they are therefore, called “Over The Top”. OTT is any streaming platform that delivers content online. Basically it’s just like any other app. 

Many serial and movies are released exclusively on OTT because of their popularity and the convenience they offer to the audience.

Different types of services OTT provides

  1. Videos

There are various options like vlogs, documentaries, styling videos, cooking tutorials, etc.

  1. Audio

Spotify is a popular OTT platform providing music and podcast services. Audiobooks are another example of this category.

  1. Communication

Who hasn’t used WhatsApp or Facebook messenger? They are some popular OTT messaging platforms.

Various OTT platforms

  • YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime, Voot, Hotstar,  ALT Balaji, MX player, and several others provide video streaming services online.
  • Apps like Facebook messenger, WeChat, Skype, WhatsApp allow communication.
  • Audio services like music and podcasts are provided by Spotify Gaana, Jio Saavn, Amazon Prime Music, YouTube Music,  Wynk Music and many more, the list is endless.
OTT platforms types

Pros of OTT Platforms Over Traditional Forms

How many of you left watching television? Or how many of you just use it for viewing OTT platforms and not the actual channels.

After the revolution in  TV cable supplies, people had to pay per channel. Why pay for a few channels when you can get unlimited fun at lesser price?

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, importance of OTT platforms have increased several folds. 

  • The old and boring television shows are being replaced by web series. Web series don’t last forever like the daily soaps. They are therefore, easy to finish watching in short time. Then one can move to other web series. It saves time and maintains connectivity. 
  • Unlike the TV shows, they are accessible at any time. You are not bonded to a particular time. You can watch them at your ease. One can also skip when they have other commitments. You won’t miss on any new reveals.
  • Serials often end with a mystery. If you are a person who can’t wait till the next day for the secret to be revealed OTT is for you. You need not wait for a new episode daily. You can watch the entire series at once. Or split it into parts as per your choice. There is no compulsion.
  • A television show lasts for about half an hour. But it’s actual play time is just about twenty minutes. The rest of the time is filled with advertisements. These advertisements are so damn irritating. Most of us just keep switching channels between adds. OTT platforms have very few number of advertisements which saves your time and helps avoid boredom. Several of them cam ne skipped as well.
  • Movies and television shows often stretch on things unnecessarily. There are effects, music, and parts you may find irrelevant. You just keep changing the channel go back to check whether it is over or not. There is no option of forwarding or skipping. But not with OTT. You can skip any part you find boring and save your precious time.
  • If you want to watch a movie again you will have to buy the tickets again. Or wait for it’s television premier. For watching a TV serial again you have to wait for it’s repeat telecast. There may be none. Or you may have to monitor the time when it is repeated and be present at that particular time only. Besides, even if want to watch a particular part of the show, you would have to go through it entirely. OTT has solves this problem. You can just move to your favourite part and enjoy. If you are fond of 1 character and want to adore their scene you can do so.
  • Went to a theatre and it was houseful? Couldn’t even get the tickets for the next show? All your excitement went in vain. One has to book tickets beforehand, then travel to the theatre, in order to watch a 2 and a half hour movie. Taking the interval and travel in account it may cost you double the time of the movie.

Going to a movie theatre almost seems impossible in the current scenario. The theatres are not opening anytime soon. Even if they do, there is a high degree of risk involved. With so many people crowding in one place, it is not at all advised to visit a theatre now.

OTT platforms have various movies which you can watch at the ease of your house. Many movies have started realising on OTT platforms itself. As soon as a movie releases it is at your door step. So, lay comfortably in your cosy couch, grab some snacks and have fun.

  • It has variety of content. Raging from movies, daily soaps, travel tails, fitness videos, educational lectures, vlogs, web series, challenges, songs, fashion videos, lifestyle videos, cooking video’s, informative content, communication, learning videos, tutorials, technical knowledge, and what not. You name it and you have it. 

Unlike television or movies, the content is not limited. You can explore things from all over the world without spending much.

  • OTT doesn’t limit to just entertainment. There is an ocean full of stuff waiting for you to dive in. Have fun along with learning and improving skills.
  • They offer flexibility of usage. This means they can be used on several devices like laptop, television, mobile phones, personal computers, etc.
  • OTT is cost effective. Monthly television bill and theatre tickets may cost a lot. We all have internet connections at our homes. Many OTT platforms just require internet connection. If you want premium membership you have to pay a tiny-miny amount. The memberships starts from just a few hundred Rupees. It doesn’t even cost a dime.


  • One of the major disadvantage associated with OTT is that there are overwhelming amount of options. One gets bewildered about where to start with. There is no limit. You can go on and on. Videos come one after the other automatically. 

In order to solve the mystery, find what happens at the end, you keep going on and on. There is no break. 

  • Many of the children don’t want to do any physical work. They just sit in a corner and isolate themselves. The generation gap between parents and children is growing more and more.
  • Lack of  proper censorship is a topic of debate. Television and movies are censored, i.e. the content displayed is validated by an authority. This ensures no obscene activity is conducted.

Although, in 2021 government of India laid down certain rules and regulations for OTT platforms but it is not enough. Whatever they feel like can be exhibited. Many derogatory terms and offensive words are used. For naive children there is a serious danger. They learn from what they see. At an early age they become aware of things they should be. These things influence their personality in several ways, be  it good or bad. There is on one to monitor the contents they are getting exposed to. 

  • It is harmful for the health as well. People give up on there sleep just to finish a series. Long hours of continuous watching a screen distorts our vision. Several children are forced to wear specs at an early age.
  • Your eyes are tired but your mind isn’t. It wants more and more. This greed hampers with your routine. Once you start you are not able to stop. A lot of self control is needed, which most of us lack. 

How Does OTT Platforms Work?

OTT platforms are nothing but applications. They are developed in the same way as other apps. Apps stands for applications. They are computer software designed to perform various functions. OTT’s are created for streaming pre-recorded files stored on a survey over the internet. 

For a person to access any OTT platforms an internet connection is mandatory. Along with this any of the devices like mobile phone, laptop, television or a desktop is required. 

Whenever a person wants to perform a particular task, a request is sent via the server and the output is delivered.

These platforms earn money by advertisements. You must have noticed adds appearing on these platforms. This is the source of income for OTT platforms.


OTT platforms are apps that provide services like video streaming, communication, etc. There are many OTT platforms delivering audio, video and messaging services. With so many advantages more and more people are opting for them instead of the old school forms of entertainment. But nothing is perfect in this world. Things have imperfections. Even these platforms comes with a few drawbacks. One needs to watch out for them. Parents need to monitor their wards and prevent them from accessing unwanted things.

Because of the high demand, business are preferring OTT platforms over others. If you want to develop your OTT app contact Satva Design Studio

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