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Package design

Package design is the creation of the exterior of a product. It helps in keeping the product safe and secure. It is also a great way of organisation and eases the handling of products. It makes the delivery of products easier.

Packaging may be done in a box, a metallic can, a bottle, or any sort of container. Package design includes choosing appropriate packaging material and most importantly the graphics, colours, fonts  and logo that are going to be embossed or imprinted on the wrapping material.

The package design needs be attractive enough in order to grab the attention of the consumers. The product being sold inside the packaging needs to be displayed effectively on the package design.

The package design should mention the product being sold, its uses, the ingredients it is made of, its manufacturing and expiry date, amount of product present in the package, its cost and many other significant details.


Effective package design tips

  • Select the appropriate packaging material according to the product being stored in the package.
  • The package design must include the logo of the brand.
  • The font and colours should be chosen according to the product being featured.
  • The package design must include the information a brand needs to deliver for a particular category of products.
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