Media Relations We drive media for some of the greatest tech success stories, particularly innovative dotcom, finance, gaming and mobile technologies. We deliver integrated traditional and social media campaigns that result in torrents of traffic, exponential growth and widespread brand recognition. Our former journalists apply their insider perspective and editorial flair to outmaneuver your competition in the media.
 Because we understand the inner workings of the media, we’re able to give the right people the right stories before your competitors have drafted a press release.
 It’s why our clients are the shining stars of their sectors in top tier media like the Financial Times, the biggest technology blogs like Techcrunch, in addition to their industry trade publications.

Video Creations

Nothing makes your website more clear and compelling than a finely crafted video. News sites and social media love great videos, so it also boosts your media coverage and buzz. Even top firms like Google and Apple that don’t struggle for exposure are increasingly turning to video, as it delivers a much more powerful and controlled message. We start with a storyboard, so there’s minimal commitment until you can see how it will take your message to a new level of clarity and impact.

Social Media

Social media offers brands a uniquely powerful engagement opportunity. We devise social media campaigns tailored to our clients’ requirements that deliver measurable ROI. Whether you are just starting out, and need to gain users fast, or are already engaging and growing your social connections – Clarity offers a custom service that fits your needs perfectly. We don’t believe in off the shelf solutions, and that’s why we plan bespoke goals – long before engaging online. When we do set your social train on the tracks, we do so utilizing the latest technologies and advances in web development, to ensure your activity is as fresh, easy to use and engaging as possible.

Content Creation

The adage that ‘content is King’ has never been more true. Consistently creating quality content is now a critical element of any ambitious brand’s marketing strategy. We help you become the loudest voice in your industry by penning engaging blogs, articles and white papers about your industry that drive SEO, build credibility and get picked-up across the web. For instance, interesting and authoritative content we have crafted for clients has been picked-up by the likes of The Guardian and Wall Street Journal, in addition to a plethora of other websites and blogs.]]>

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