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Mobile app development presents unique challenges compared to building a feature-rich website. The App Store and Google Play Store have compliance requirements that might affect your app that could prevent it from getting approved for sale on the stores. Apps are a competitive landscape and knowing the latest trends in product psychology and design patterns help make your app ‘stick’ with your users is important as well. We take all of this into account, and put ourselves in the shoes of you and your customers when taking a human-first philosophy towards app development.

Our team has experts in a variety of development stacks, and we know what tech is the best fit for different ideas and business models. We’re here to guide you as your technology partner, and will recommend what tool is right for the job.

iOS app development

Native Apple iOS development, or writing code using Swift, is very secure and enables you to deliver the most secure, robust, and smooth app result you can. We've built a team of highly skilled Swift developers who are able to build even the most complicated native iOS apps.

We strive to make sure that your app will look great, but also work as smoothly as possible, both in the way it looks on the iPhone and iPad, and how it works behind the scenes. We strive to have pixel perfect designs when we implement your apps. We're pickiest as customers and only want the best for our customers. So why should we do anything different? Why shouldn't your app be any better? We accomplish this because our designers and developers work together to create an app that's as beautiful as possible. This allows us to use both right and left brains to achieve our goal.


Android app development

Our Android app developers are trained to create native apps for Android devices using the Kotlin programming language. Our Android app developers follow the same design guidelines and principles that Google uses for its own products.

When developing your Android app, it is vital to test on a range of different devices and operating systems to ensure that the user experience is consistently good across the different devices. Our Android app developers make sure that your end-product is as simple as possible. By ensuring that your app is built to last, we are able to deliver apps that last.

Cross-platform flutter app development

Many cross-browser development tools promise much more than they deliver, and are typically used by web developers who want to be able to sell apps on the market. We've become extremely pleased with Google's own cross-browser development language, Flutter.

We've added cross-domain app development with Flutter to our service offerings. That's right, Flutter is a cross-device development platform that allows us to provide our clients with cross-device apps even when a native app experience isn't needed. If a client wants to sell apps for Apple and Android, we can guide you along the path to implementing cross-device functionality with Flutter - which is incredibly cost-effective.

Cross-platform development in Flutter enables you to develop a single app for both Apple and Android app stores. This can cut down the time it takes to develop your app by 30-50%!


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