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Social Photography: Are Photos Top Currency in Social PR?

n photos are posted to Instagram every day – pictures are inherently shareable and transcend language and cultural barriers. People connect with pictures on an emotional level, so it’s essential that companies incorporate photos into their social PR strategies. PR Services You can integrate pictures into your social PR strategy with these three methods: Lay Your Cards on the Table. Don’t make your customers click another link to enjoy the content you post. Show it to them within your profile’s wall or stream. Use Twitter Cards to enhance Twitter posts with embedded photos or other media experiences. Let Your Personality Shine. Offer glimpses into the “making of,” behind-the-scenes and day-to-day realities of how your company does business. Clothing retailer SEH Kelly uses Instagram to show how clothes go from the factory to the shop window. Enhance the Story. Augment new content such as blog posts, eBooks and press releases with related photography posted on your company’s social media accounts and link the photos back to the main content on your site. The Container Store reports that Pinterest is its number one social media source of website referral traffic and revenue. The popularity of social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr reveals that photographs are top currency in social PR efforts. Pull out your iPhone, start snapping and cash in on it!]]>

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