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Start your startup

A startup is a young organisations with less than 100 members. Though it may be a small organisation but settings up a startup is a huge challenge. Dealing with legal issues, accounting, sales, marketing, human resources, etc. is a magnificent task.

  1. Before stepping into the world of start up one needs to look into the deeper aspects. Acknowledging the commitment and the hurdles on the path is imperative. One should be prepared to leave no stone unturned. A start up demands time, dedicated, patience, energy and faith.

 Steps towards setting a startup

  1. Come up with a unique idea.
  2. Create a plan.
  • Get funding.
  1. Hiring employees.
  2. Naming your organisation.
  3. Looking into legal matters.
  • Focus on developing your product or service.
  • Get a location or website.
  1. Background analysis.
  2. Management.
  3. Accounting.
  • Try to drive traffic.
  • Be prepared to work harder than expected.
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