White Board Animation services

White Board Animation and How It Generates Results?

The competition is increasing day by day. With new companies and new ideas coming up, the old one’s are in a fear of loosing their charm. The only way out is to be creative. Provide  things which the audience desires. Do things that are different yet attractive. Present your ideas such that the audience instantly feels a connection. In this blog, we will be talking about the following aspects of white board animation. Let’s dig in one by one.

What is White Board Animation

White board animation is a method of animation in which the creator physically draws on a white background using marker pens. It is a also known as video scribing or animated doodling. The drawings are put together with the aid of Rome lapsed photography or stop motion animation to form a story. This puts life in a flat sheet of paper. A voice over, music or sound effects can be added to make it more interesting. 

This process may seem extremely exhausting. The contrivance of software especially designed for this purpose has made white board animation facile. One simply has to choose your images and add a suitable audio to them. You can customise the colours according to your theme as well. That’s it. Your video is ready. The process is fast and the results are astonishing.

They look as if you used a professional editing tool and put lots of efforts. One of the best, easiest and cheapest way to do this is through white board animation.  Let’s learn how?

History of white board animation

White board animation was used for the first time in 2009. Back then, it was mostly used for making experimental videos. The lack of equipment was fulfilled by drawings. Demonstrating experiments became much easy and quick. 

The use of white board animation was not just limited to experiments. In no time it’s utility broadened. Soon people realised that it could be used for storytelling. This is where white board animation gained popularity. 

It is now used for sundry purposes including marketing, advertisements, promotional activities, spreading awareness, branding, posters, tutorials, demonstrations, etc.

How it works?

The process begins with choosing a topic. After the topic has been selected, a script is prepared. Now comes the main part of white board animation, creating the drawings. First a few sample drawings are created. Later the final drawings are prepared based on the samples.

The next step is organize them into a video. After the video is assembled, a voice over is created. This step is optional, if your animation doesn’t require it you can skip  this one. The audio and video are synchronized. And you are all set to release the video.  Isn’t that easy-pisy. The steps may be varied according to personal choice. Some of them may be skipped or additional steps may be added. 

Types of white board animation

Campaign oriented video

They are suitable for organisations who have campaigns going on through out the year.

Over view explainer animation

Finding it hard to express your thoughts briefly? Want to introduce your firm, who you are, what you do? But don’t want to make it very long. White board animations got everything covered for you. 

Pre-roll add

Pre-roll adds are made specifically for targeted audience and are just a few seconds long. They are played before the actual video and don’t come in the way of audience’s entertainment.

Specific product animation

Want to put all the focus on the product? Go for specific product videos. 

Greeting videos

Wishing your people time to time keeps them reminded that you care for them.

Training videos

Training sessions can prove to be very boring. Rejuvenate your team with a brand new style of training. White board animation is a fun way of learning new things and remembering them for long.

Animation for sales

These videos can be forwarded to potential buyers via email or social media.

How can businesses benefit with it?

White board animation can be utilized for marketing, promotion, posters or to tell a story, adds, tutorials and many more.  They are widely used by  educators to clear the concepts of their students. Enterprises use white board animation to train their employees. 

They are a great way of giving presentations. It makes things easier to explain and reduces your efforts. It also makes your presentation distinctive. It can also be used to demonstrate a product to the consumers. Summarisation can be made easy and effective through  the technique of white board animation. Vast information can be presented in a brief yet informative manner.

White board animations are an excellence marketing tool. They are unique from other indistinguishable ways of promotion. This helps in attracting more audience. They can be used to add a visual effect to a podcast, audiobook, speech, or story to make it more absorbing and fascinating.

They are telecasted through television as in the case of advertisements, or they may appear on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.

Advantages of white board animation.

Because of their versatility they can be put to various different uses. Their usage is not just limited to a particular sector. They can be easily adapted for multiple purposes. It is a good way to deliver complex information.

Audio, video and text all can be combined together to bring out the best result. You or any other human doesn’t need to act in the videos. This saves time and money. Your drawings will communicate the message. They are easy to produce, consumes less time and energy. Along with this they are cost effective. 

How does it help in generating results?

For a new product launch, or a new announcement white board animation can prove to be quite useful. They can instantly drive a large group of people because of it’s uniqueness.

Your message doesn’t gets outshined. It is out there, bold and beautiful. There is no hide and seek. What your are trying to convey is clear to the audience.

Demonstrating a product or explaining a compound mechanism can be done easily through white board animation.  As things are easy to digest, audience finds this way more convenient. One cannot expect people to purchase products who’s functioning is complicated and they have to work upon it. But white board animation makes things simpler.

They are more engaging and fascinating. The audience doesn’t get bored. The combination of sound and visuals is more than enough to keep the audience consumed.

Studies have shown that visuals are easy to memorize. Therefore, they retain for longer periods of time in the mind of the audience. 


White board animation is a technique of creating videos which the aid of drawing of white background. They are assembled with the help of stop motion animation or time lapsed photography. A voice over of other sound effects can be added to make it more interesting. The tedious task is made easy with the advent of software. The use of white board animation began in 2009 and it was mostly used for making experimental videos and story telling.

It can be used for tutorials, experiments, marketing, storytelling, promotions, presentations, trainings, demonstrations, and summarisation.

The following steps are involved in creating a white board animation video:
  • Selecting a topic.
  • Preparing a script.
  • Making sample and final sketches.
  • Assembling them into a video.
  • Adding music, sound or voice over is optional. 
  • The video and audio are synched.
  • Colours are adjusted.
  • Final editing touches are added.

Platforms like television, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Can be used to publish white board animations.

Several types of white board animations are available for you to choose the most preferable one. 

White board animation comes with many advantages. It is versatile and adaptable. They make complex matter easy to understand. Requires mediocre skills. Is less time consuming and cheap.

White board animation assists in generating positive results instantaneously. They can be used for product launch or announcements. Messages can be conveyed directly without any confusion or overshadowing. Product functioning is made easy to understand, driving more consumers. White board animation retain in the memory and are more engaging as compared to other forms of promotion.

White Board Animation services

The old versions of direct advertisements have become obsolete. Now is the time of indirect promotion. You introduce your product through a story. Create an emotional story. Link it with your product and see it’s impact. People are not at all irritated. Neither do they realise that they watched an advertisement in between a story. But the image of the product gets installed some where in their minds. And your work is done without putting your audience to sleep.

If you want to start creating your own white board animation than Satva Design Studio is at your service.

Artificial Intelligence Decision Making

Decision Making Made Transparent With Explainable Artificial Intelligence

The world is slowly being taken over by machines. No body could have imagined that even intelligence can be produced artificially. Artificial Intelligence has proved to be a blessing for some and a point of concern for others. 

Artificial intelligence and how it works?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to imitate human intelligence for decision making. Alexa,” Play a song”, and in no time you are dancing to the beats of the song. Machines gained this humanly power all thanks to AI. From face recognition to video or article recommendation, it’s utility is ubiquitous.

Artificial Intelligence works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms. It allows the software to learn automatically from patterns or features in the data. The process involves going through the data again and again to find connections and derive meaning from undefined data.

Need for transparent Artificial Intelligence 

The decisions made through artificial intelligence are a mere guesswork for us. AI works on “black box” algorithm. Which means the input goes in and the output is received. But what goes in between is hidden. The algorithm behind these decisions are masked. Such decisions are not reliable. There is, obviously, a need for Artificial Intelligence to be more transparent about the mechanism it uses for decision making. Bias nature of human beings is still justifiable but the randomness of artificial intelligence isn’t.

You were looking for a watch online. Next day your social media was flooded with advertisements of watches. It is quite traceable that it was the work of AI. But what if you receive adds of high tech kitchen appliances and all you can cook is Maggie that too in 10 minutes. Lol, what use are these gadgets for you? This example depicts a failure of artificial intelligence.

There is no explainable reason why AI will force you to try your hand at cooking. We don’t care much about these. But what we care about are when the outcome has greater consequences. Job applications, college admission recommendations, medical advise, etc.  require attention. In case of a negative outcome, a person is entitled to rightful explanation. Therefore, there is a need for artificial intelligence algorithms that can be traced back to their origin.

Here comes Explainable AI

Explainable Artificial Intelligence is a framework that aids you in getting an insight to the functions performed by a device. XAI { Explainable Artificial intelligence} helps you in interpreting the factors involved behind a decision. Thus, making decisions-making transparent and trustworthy.

Why enterprises needs explainable Artificial intelligence for transparent decision making?

  • Explainable Artificial intelligence gives business control over their functioning. Giving control in the hands of a machine and having no say in it’s working is not good for a business.  With XAL, the later is aware about the reasons behind a suggestion. It is all about the capability of a system to justify it’s decisions in a human articulable  language. It helps in error identification and speeding. Creates a scope for correction and improving accuracy.
  • For the creators it is important to study the mechanism in order to identify the defects. If the mechanism is below the carpet, there will be little space for improvement. Knowing the mechanism with explaining artificial intelligence enables improvement. 
Artificial Intelligence Decision Making

  • Explaining AI is essential for establishing trust regarding a machine program. A machine is after all a human invention. It comes with its pros and cons. It is not perfect. There are glitches. Because of these they can’t be entirely trusted upon. Their decision can’t be validated unless a fair explanation is available. 
  • Businesses can be benefited by only targeting the correct group of people by XAI. Understanding how artificial intelligence works they can control the audience who receives their adds.  This will avoid situations like selling a comb to a bald person. 
  • On the consumers end, they must confide with the devices that operate on the algorithm of artificial intelligence.  If a human has a hand in the decision making, he could provide adequate reasons but what about a machine? The machine is not accountable for any of it’s functions.  The businesses providing these facilities have to take responsibility for such services. They are expected to explain how their model functions, in order to predict its reliability. This can be done only with explaining artificial intelligence.
  • Every organisation is abided by a set of rules and regulations. Sticking to the protocols is of uttermost importance. XAI helps a organisation to avoid violations of security guidelines and monitor them in cases of violation.
  • As we talked earlier, finance, banking and insurance are fields that demand earnest recommendations. Offering credit cards, insurance policies, investment schemes, customer care can be conducted via AI. These sectors can show futuristic impacts with artificial intelligence. 
What more in AI?

These sectors are critical. It is pivotal for the people to understand how a recommendation came in their sight? Are their details safe? Which part of their data was used for generating this result? This is where explaining artificial intelligence again gains importance.

Financial advise through artificial intelligence can be of high-risk. Any failure may be disastrous. The replacement of AI with explaining artificial intelligence in financial sectors and banking services is highly necessary.

  • AI has bought a reform in medicine. More people have being cured in lesser time. One of it’s contribution is in MRI for finding probable sites of cancerous tumors. Health care being a serious issue can’t just be left in the hands of a machine. 

Explainable artificial intelligence gives a machine an assess to data and endeavour a outcome. At the same time, it gives the medical practitioners the decision making power by providing explanation for the conclusion produced. There is a freedom of choice for the doctors. They may adhere to the results handed by the machine. If they are not completely satisfied then there is also a scope to have a closer look. Study the facts and come to a slightly different conclusion. All this wouldn’t be possible without human interference and several lives would be at stake.

  • AI also had a big role in industrialization. Diagnosing the faults in equipment was done using artificial intelligence. Equipment manuals, maintenance standards along with sensor readings are stored. This made fixing equipment’s easier and convenient. With explaining artificial intelligence the flaws can be detected and corrected. If the correction method is not practical alternatives can be searched under the guidance of the technician.
  • Career choices are one of the most crucial decisions of any student. It is a matter of life. A right choice may make your carrier. A wrong one may ruin your entire life. 

Students gets several recommendations while searching for courses online. These exhortations are based on your search history. Sometimes they can be arbitrary. To whom and at what time these recommendations are delivered are controlled by artificial intelligence. The students have the right to know why they are being dispensed with a particular advertisement. It will also unable institutions to control and target potential students.

  • Self-driving vehicles have been a talk of the town. Along with the uncountable benefits they will bring, their reliability is severely questioned at times. This is why it is taking so long for them to make it to the market. Their launch may be against the human race, killing several innocent lives. They may put the life of the passengers, other travellers and pedestrians at risk. “If a self-driven car finds itself in a position where an accident is inevitable, what measures should it take? Prioritize the protection of the driver and put pedestrians in grave danger? Avoid pedestrians while putting the passengers’ safety at risk?” These are the words of  Kinetica CEO, Appleby. These words are highly significant. AI will definitely fail in such scenarios. 

None the less, XAI will be of paramountcy. It will help in tracking the vehicle. In a situation demanding instant decision making, explaining artificial intelligence will help in prioritization. Passengers will also feel more comfortable during the journey. There heart beats wouldn’t increase during rush hours. 

  • Explaining artificial intelligence show the user multiple potential options. It is then up to them to make the final call. In this way humans are not denigrated. 

It gives the user not only one but several answers for a single problem. It allows us to make an appropriate choice between the solutions offered. The users are also imparted with the knowledge of   the parameters on which the result was based. They are prioritized and scored accordingly as well for people to select the best possible option. 

  • XAI dispenses a continuous learning process and improves future recommendations.
  • Explainable AI is ultimately about making Artificial intelligence more intelligent and as valuable as possible.

Humans are and will remain the most intellectual creatures of God for centuries, unless there is a major evolution. Their decision will be  ultimate. Technology is also a creation of humans. It doesn’t have the capability to overcome human capabilities.

Explaining artificial intelligence provides a way in which human intelligence and machine learning can be used simultaneously. It can help improve human decision making. Problems that human eye can not visualise can be easily identified using explaining artificial intelligence.

Digital Marketing in 2021 for brands

8 Reasons Why Your business Needs Digital Marketing in 2021

2021 has been a whimsically ride for all the businesses out there. Many business were hit severely by the pandemic. Some were even forced to shut down. Those survived were because they moulded themselves according to the current scenario. Advertisements, holdings, prints, pamphlets, coupons are some of the traditional methods of marketing. Their reach is confined. Digital marketing is not restricted to any area. It has international reach. Your business will be visible to people round the globe.

With the world going digital, why shouldn’t you? The market demands flexibility. The rigid ones break in the storm but the flexible ones bend and save themselves. Sticking to old practices is good but choosing not to change is not. One needs to adapt with the surroundings in order to survive. Be not afraid of going slow, be afraid of standing still or even worse, falling down.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is creating and delivering relevant and quality content on social media to attract potential customers. It is also referred to as e-marketing or social media marketing. Digital marketing involves the management of marketing campaigns.

How to go Digital?

Different tactics, tools and platforms that can be used for digital marketing are enlisted below

  • Websites allows business to build relationships with potential consumers. They allow to establish virtual companies which can operate online.
  • Blogs : One needs to put together their thoughts and ideas in a way that are easy to digest for the audience and appeal to the audience. Blogging is the most pocket friendly way of promotion.
  • Social media posts : The simplest way of digital marketing is posting on various social media platforms. By consistently posting, a brand ensures that it gets recognized in the market and drives consumers.
  • Businesses have many stuff to focus on. This may put marketing in denial. To be able to concentrate on the core parts of your business and also pay heed to marketing, it is essential that business outsource online marketing services. Satva Design Studio is among the best digital marketing service providers in India.
  • If you have been avoiding digital marketing just because you are not aware of it’s functioning. Or you are anxious about how the audience will react. You can consult the professionals. Once you get the hang of it things will become serene. If you are looking for Marketing consulting services request for a demo today.

Importance of social media marketing in 2021

Digital marketing is highly essential to raise awareness about your resource and promote your company. If a brand is at it’s initial stage, raising awareness is a task. Building trust among the audience and convincing them to join you is also formidable. Digital marketing is the way out for this. When audience consistently gets their eyes on your brand, there is a high chance that they may consider approaching you.

Digital marketing will form the core of your business expansion. It will increase your success rate and market visibility. The audience available online is much more than local population. Digital marketing drives traffic. Digital marketing has also proven to be effective in influencing the market, its demands and needs.

Digital Marketing in 2021 for brands

It increases accessibility. Many people don’t live in close proximity of your company. It is not possible for then to visit you personally. People may have heard of you but they don’t know where to approach you. Then their first approach is to search for you online. If you are not present there, they may not be able to find you. Then how will they reach you? If you are present on digital platforms, it becomes easier for the audience to approach you. They may understand who you are and what you do.

What are your specialties? They can get the reviews and make immediate decisions.
It also helps connect with your target audience. There is one on one interaction with the audience. It may help you learn about their problems and find proper solutions. You may also find out your drawbacks and work on improving them. Interaction with the prospects helps you in getting an instant feed back about the quality of your product or services. It helps in building consumer loyalty.

Digital marketing show measurable results. You can track the audience response at any time and can get your report card instantly. Your competitors are your biggest teachers. Learn from their mistakes. Take inspiration from their work. If they have bloomed because of digital marketing even you can.

With the restrictions the pandemic brought people are not able to move out and look for services. People may have heard of you but they don’t know where to approach you. If people don’t find you online, they will forget about you. Nowadays, nothing is exclusive. There are many other businesses delivering the same services. They may choose any of them. 2021 is an all new era. With so many restrictions and businesses collapsing, it is essential that you keep going on. With more and more people seeking for goods online, your presence can help you get going.

Digital marketing is cost- effective. Besides other investments, advertisements are one of the biggest expenses a company has to bear. Just for hiring a celebrity and making them the face of your brand may cost you a huge amount. Big brands have the resources to do this. But what about beginners?

Even with better quality products, beginners and small labels struggle to make a place in the market. With limited budgets, they are not able to spare a lot on promotion. Therefore, digital marketing is a savior for them. Even big banners can improve profits by cutting costs in advertising by the aid of digital marketing.

The following strategies can be followed by a business to become cohesive-

Look from a new perspective.

To be different may prove to be difficult but opting to enter in a business is itself a big risk. One should not be afraid to explore new paths. Being unique and maintaining individuality is a plus point for every business. People like different. An unoccupied territory is easier to capture. Similarly, a platform where other competitors have not reached can prove to drive a wider traffic.

Enlarge your domain.

Opportunities are everywhere, one needs to have the eye to look for it. Never resist from learning new stuff. There is nothing like too much knowledge. A person needs to keep on learning. Never settle for what you already know. In this way a business can simultaneously discover new ideas. Working with people who embrace learning creates a positive work environment.

All this can be challenging but what fun is business without challenges? Challenges strengthen your firm and makes your team more and more determined. Working on new ideas and in alien land can be difficult but nothing is impossible. The knowledge and experience gained is most valuable. Ultimately things will get familiar and then sky is the limit.

Know your target audience.

By operating and promoting your product on several platforms one can engage with a wide range of audience and get to know the preference of their potential consumers. Knowing what the masses demand brings you an advanced over others.

Everything you needed to know about Digital Marketing

Skipping from digital marketing is not at all a wise advice. There is no reason one should avoid it. It is cost effective and helps in attaining a global reach. If your competitors are already digital, you should not procrastinate in doing so.
One thing you should keep in mind is that your brands reputation is at stake the moment you go online. You are on a public platform. Your presence will be the determining factor for people to judge. So, be very careful of your words and actions.

Above all encourage yourself and your team your be motivated and enthusiastic. Always remember failure is the stepping stone to success. A person never fails, he/ she just finds methods that do not work for them. Keep learning from your mistakes. If one platform doesn’t bring results may be it is not fit for your service. Switch to something more productive. If a particular strategy failed, don’t get dishearten. Giving up is not an option. Think of other means. With digital marketing, the possibilities are endless. If a particular platform fails to meet up to your expectations or fulfil your requirements you can always switch to others. There is nothing to loose but only to gain.

If you haven’t started digital marketing yet, this is the best time for you to go online. Better late than sorry. Instead of brooding on your past mistakes, think of ways of improving. Many newly launched businesses have seen a drastic transformation just because of digital marketing. They have succeeded in gaining a reputation in a very short period of time. Now they are the first and most preferred choice of people. Adaptability helps a business increase it’s reach. As client needs vary it is crucial for a business to market in different ways.

block chain decentralized

The Rise of Block Chain Powered Decentralised Applications

Recently, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have been in limelight. People are slowly and steadily getting exposed to there terms. They are new to many of us. Block chain is the technology behind Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first application which worked on the principal of block chain. 

Dogecoin was a result of a meme. Can you believe it? The meme of a cryptocurrency featuring a dog became so viral that engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer decided to take the advantage of it’s popularity. They launched a cryptocurrency named Dogecoin. Isn’t that hilarious but genius at the same time. 

Block chain is the future of data storage and investment. So, if you don’t want to lag behind, educate yourself about it now.

Understanding Block Chain

When you first come across the word, it seems very technical. Many of us don’t even try to get into it’s details because we presume it to be related to finance and technology. We assume understanding these high level terms are beyond our capabilities. But there is nothing so complicated. In fact, block chain is very easy to understand. And it is not only for bankers or technicians, it is for the common man as well.

Block chain technology was invented by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta in 1991. Block chain is just a database. Now you will be curious to know what database is. A database is nothing but a collection of information stored electronically on a computer system.

Database generally stores information in the form of tables to make it more organized. The information is mainly the transitions that are made all over the world. Block chain stores information in units called ‘blocks’. To break it down, a block is just like a storage box. You store your books in a box. When the box gets filled completely, you take another box and start filling it. Then you keep the boxes one after the other in a sequence. This is how block chain functions.

block chain decentralized

Each block in a block chain is a storage device. Once it gets filled, data is stored in another block. Each block has a code called hash. It is equivalent to a digital fingerprint. The hash stores the information of the current block as well as the block present before it and the block that follows it. Any sort of changes in 1 block will result in change in the entire hash code. See, it’s so simple. 

This gives rise to another question. What is the difference between an Excel spreadsheet and a database? Both of them store information in tabular format. Both of them are used for organising data. Then how is block chain different from spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet is programmed to store small amount of data. It is accessible only by a few people. On the other hand, a database is designed to store a huge amount of information. It can be accessed by anyone from anyplace. While a spreadsheet is controlled by an allotted group of people. A data base has no such restrictions. Such an unimaginable amount of data is stored on servers. In a block chain, the servers are referred to as ‘nodes’.

How a Block Chain Powered Decentralised Applications Works?

When a new transition is to be performed it is transmitted to a network. The transition is verified and hooray, your transition is completed. These transitions are then stored in the form of blocks. They can be traced through any server on the network.


Now that you are clear with what is  Block chain?, How it works?, And how information is stored on a block chain, we should try to understand the term ‘Decentralization’. As the term infers de-centralization means without a centre. In the context of block chain, decentralization means that the data is not controlled just by an individual or a groups. It is not concentrate in one location. The serves are located all over the world and there are separate individuals to monitor them. 

Each node bears the entire transition history. If there is an error then it can be easily rectified by tallying it with others. Since, the information is not centralised, a single node doesn’t have the power to change it. If some modifications are to be made it is mandatory for all the server operators to agree and make the changes immediately. So, there is no glitch in further operations. Hence, the information is hundred percent correct and secure.

This way of storing information provides transparency and promotes trust. The updated transitions can be viewed anything and anywhere. The transitions can easily be traced back to their source. 

Why has there been an upsurge in decentralised applications?

Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrency have seen a massive up rise in the recent times. They are not as old as banking or stock market but have succeeded in making a place in the market. They have gained immense popularity in a very short span of time. The emergence of the pandemic has been a significant contributor towards the increased demand of block chain powered decentralised applications. 

Following are the reasons:
  • Once you get familiar with the mechanism of block chain you can easily operate it by yourself. 
  • Investing through block chain powered decentralised applications is safe and transparent. 
  • Not being able to move out made investors restless. Investing in property became almost impossible. Not being able to go to the site for inspection, delayed registration, and unbelievably high prices made people look for alternatives.  Investing in property is not so easy. One has to visit the site, study the papers, and then struggle to find a good price for reselling. But investing through block chain applications made it easy. 
  • Block chain is not only limited to finance. It can be used to store other important data like legal information, a company’s data, etc. Storing information on block chain is safe. It cannot be altered. It is accessible from any place and it is stored on different systems so there is no scope of losing data. Automatically generated pre-existing data is omnipresent.
  • With the ever increasing price of gold and silver, the old school way of investment also failed. Investing in previous metals requires spending generously, which is not feasible for the middle class. Investing through block chain applications is easy and affordable. You can start investing with a minimum amount of Rupees 100. So, every class of the community can try their hand in investment. Even students with limited allowances can start investing for their future. The only disadvantage is the absence of physical form. The ornaments can be used but the cryptocurrency can’t even be touched.
  • I agree with the fact that investing in Mutual funds is safe. It doesn’t requires huge capital investment but the process is slow. It requires patience. One needs to wait for long time until they get to reap the fruit of their labour.
  • With so many banking frauds taking place, your money isn’t completely safe in the bank lockers as well. Why let your money rest in a safe when you can rest and let the money work instead? You can invest your money in block chain applications and wait for it to grow. Unlike bank transactions, you need not reveal your details to anyone. It can be done round the clock.
  • Storing information and making transitions through block chain applications is quick and easy.
  • Companies can track the location and deliver of their products using block chain. 
  • Nobody wants their medical records to be revealed to anyone except the doctor. Medical records are highly personal. Even then they are mishandled. Hospitals can use block chain applications to store these records. If a patient is recommended to another branch of the hospital in any other state, the medical history can be traced by the staff beforehand and prepare for any emergency situation. This can prove to be life saving. 
  • The process is entirely mechanical. There is very less human interference. This assures accuracy.
  • Not just the users but creators have made ginormous profits from block chain powered decentralised applications.
  • The transitions are easily traceable. You can monitor your transactions conveniently. 
  • Hacking a block Chain network is not at all easy. The power and resources required to hack a block chain application are not available with the hackers. 
  • There are many tutorials available online through which you can learn block chain applications. If you want to know more visit your website. 

What’s stored in for future?

Block chain powered decentralised applications may be an ecstasy for many. Many companies and individuals have been benefitted colossally through the technology of block chain. It is safe, transparent, time saving and easy to operate. Still, one need not get blinded by the stupendous glamour of block chain applications. They are not controlled by any government or national bank.

For banking frauds the government may compensate some of your losses but you can’t rely on anyone for a failure in investment through cryptocurrency.  Many of the applications may not be even legit or completely legal. Therefore, you need to have complete faith before taking the first step. In-depth study is essential. Although storing information on block chain applications is safe but investments aren’t.

Like every other investment options out there, even investing through block chain is risky. There are fluctuations. There was a time when crypto saw its peak. But good days are followed by bad ones. Nothing is constant. A small delay may cost you a fortune. So, make your choices wisely.

By not taking interest in block chain applications you may loose on a chance to make progress. Denial is not the solution. It may lead to regret later. If the world is putting a step forward, why should you remain in a state of oblivion?

We provide world-class custom software development services to start-ups, small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and enterprises. So, if you are also looking to implement block-chain solutions, then connect with our team today.

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