Designing tips for magazine

5 Designing Tips for Creative Magazine Cover

A magazine is a periodical publication. It contains articles, write-ups, images, photographs and drawings based on various areas of interest like sports, fashion, technology, business, lifestyle, health, education, etc. Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Time, People, The New Yorker are some of the all time popular magazines. In this article, we will explain 5 Designing Tips for Creative Magazine Cover.

Magazines have seen a drastic downfall in the past decade. The emergence of technology has decimated their value. There sales have been declining significantly. Then how can you keep your magazine still in business? How will you ensure that people  choose your magazine from the numerous magazine stacked one top of the other in the rack? There is a popular saying, “First impression is the last impression.” So, make your first move cautiously. To put a long lasting first impression your magazine cover should stand out from others.

Designing tips for magazine

The magazine cover page is the star of the magazine. This is the deciding factor for people to pick up or leave a magazine. It stimulates them to make decisions. It should be unique enough to grab the attention of potential buyers. Besides being one of a kind, it must also fulfil it’s purpose. It should be able to explain the content in limited words. Plus, it should follow a theme. An excellent cover design may  help to increase your reach.

A magazine cover page speaks about the brand. A glance on the cover should be enough for a person to recognise the brand it belongs to. It appeals to the new readers. Therefore, it must be captivating. Even if eyes fall on it by chance they should not be able to move their eyes away. The person should be forced to have a look further. Each edition should have something new. Along with this it should also carry the essence of the brand for people to recognise. Knowing your audience is a crucial aspect of cover page designing. Your audience must be able to feel a  connection instantly.

The page must be designed keeping the interest of the consumers in mind. One must thoroughly study their competitors covers and try to excel beyond their designs. Designing a cover requires creativity and out of the box thinking. A single page takes days and days of hard work. Brands have a separate team just for cover designing. 

Many of you will think what takes so much of time? It is just a single page. But this single page brings all the difference. A cover designer considers several ideas. Many samples are produced before reaching the final product. One may not get the desired results in the first attempt. Several attempts are made to get the best design. 

Types of Magazine Cover for its Designing Tips

Magazine cover page designs can be broadly classified into:

Image based design 

 These are undoubtedly most preferable and popular of the lot. They often feature one or more images. They may be portraits of models posing, a beautiful landscape, any mouth watering dish, gadgets or so on, based on different genre. 

The most vital thing is that the photos must be in congress with the magazine theme. The image should be the centre of focus of the audience. 

In order to get more engagement, brands often choose famous celebrities as the model for their cover page. The charm of the celebrity is enough to attract a large part of the population. Studies have shown that cover pages with celebrities in them sell more as compared to ordinary one’s.

Illustration based design

Illustration based magazine covers have been in use since time immemorial. With not many magazines opting for this variant, the competition decreases. You are able to introduce a new concept to the audience. The audience craves for uniqueness and by  illustration designs you offer them the same. Frictional characters can be created to attract more and more people. You can play with the imagination of your mind and display whatever you feel like. There is no restriction. They are easy to produce. For a small budget project, illustration is the best option out there. 

Type based design

If you want powerful and inspirational words to be the hero of your cover and not get overshadowed by the images, go for type based design.  

The main point to watch out in type based design are the font and the colour. Surveys have shown that people read the  biggest heading first. So, the most prominent topics can be bolded for a better view. Other information may be present in different sizes for people to focus on important aspects first. 

Because they are very rarely used, you can use them to bring a revolutionary change with your words of wisdom.

Concept based design

 To promote an idea or to convey a message in a striking way, concept based design can be used for magazine cover pages. They are a cocktail of texts, images and illustrations. They give creative freedom to the designer. People are allured by the imagination of the designer. How an intricate thought can be put up so amazingly? This is the power of conceptualization. 

A few things to pin point are don’t flow too much into the concept. Keep it a bit simple for the audience to comprehend. Although, there is no confinement. You can give some space for the viewer to visualise things in their own way. This is what makes concept based designs one of a kind. 

Magazine Cover Designing Tips

Be minimalist

The text should be in coordination with the image. Writing a few words doesn’t seem a tedious task. But indeed it is. It requires lots of time, inspiration and creative thinking skills. Don’t try to over do. Use catchy phases and call for action words. You can even question the audience. Even a minimal amount of words are enough to create a strong impact. A limited number of images should be used. One need not overwhelm the audience with plenty of images. 

The text and images should merge

For a visually appealing cover design it is imperative that the image and text blends seamlessly. They should have an individual character but also compliment each other. The choice of colours and texture is crucial. You can either put the image in focus or the text. The background should be chosen such that it highlights the contents placed on it and doesn’t overlap with them. 

Choose the road less travelled

Doing what others are doing is equivalent to copying them. Why would people opt for a copied magazine? There is no denial in taking inspiration but adding a personal touch is mandatory. Your magazine should have an identity of it’s own. It should be different from others. Following a pre-existing pattern may make the audience weary. People are attracted towards quirky stuff. 

If one of your experiments don’t get the desired response look for other ways. There is no scope of stagnation in this business. Trying stuff, failing and moving on are the part and parcel of life. One needs to keep on upgrading with the new discoveries and use them appropriately. Try to do things differently. Despite of failure, don’t give up. Don’t get dishearten. Keep trying, remember, if you rest you rust.

Do it the traditional way

With other brands using high end technical tools, how do you expect to make a place for yourself? Don’t worry if you are a beginner and lack resources. Even if you are privileged to have all the tools, there is nothing wrong in doing things the traditional way. Pick up your paint brushes and colours. You can use natural light, mirrors for reflection, play with the shadows and angles, use shapes and geometric patterns or even go for handwritten text.

  People are not used to seeing these stuff. But there is always a place deep in the heart of the audience for this. They may even get nostalgic. They get to see a different perspective. A few people are crazy for these things. It will also help you to acquire a place of your own.

Create an impact

Whatever you do, the most important is the results it fetch. Sticking to the traditional ways or choosing the advanced technology is up to you. Just go bold and make a statement. Your cover should reveal a part of you. It should represent your brand. Let the world know you exist and your opinion matters. Let people look up to you. A pen is mightier than a sword. For influencing people your words are enough. The words may be simple but the trace they leave on the minds of the people is what matters. 

Designing Tips for Magazine Cover – Summary

A magazine cover is the most prominent aspect of a magazine. It demonstrates a brand, explains the true essence of a brand and brings potential consumers. 

There are broadly 4 types of magazine cover designs namely Image based, Illustration based, Type based and Concept based designs. It is up to you to  choose the one which best defines your style. 

 Keep the text and images simple yet attractive. Use space creatively. You just have an A-4 size sheet of paper to explain the entire context of the magazine at a glance. People judge your brand based on your cover design. So, pay attention towards it. There is no place for negligence. Everything needs to be done with precision. If your cover is attractive enough it will attract potential consumers and help you in gaining a reputation and build your brand. Want a demo of cover designing contact Satva Design Studio.

Animation Techniques

Top 7 Animation Techniques that Every Beginner Should Know

Have you watched the cartoon shows like Doraemon, Shin Chan, Mickey mouse, Noddy, Ninja Hattori etc. ? Do they exist in real? Of course not. They were invented out of the crazy imagination of some people. Then how did this imagination took the form of a character? This is done through animation. Animation is not just limited to cartoons. It is used for educational and marketing purposes as well. We shall now proceed towards learning more about animation techniques and it’s various types.

Animation is the process of manipulation of pictures so that they appear in motion. The images may be hand drawn or produced mechanically. Nowadays, images are drawn through CGI i.e. computer generated imagery. 

Types of Animation Techniques Useful for Beginners:

1. Traditional animation

2. Stop  motion animation:

  • Puppet animation
  • Clay animation
  • Cut-out-animation

3. 2-D animation

4. 3-D animation

5. Motion graphics

6. Typography animation

7. Sand animation

Types of Animation Techniques

Let’s have a deeper look into them.

Traditional animation

It is also referred to as cel animation or hand drawn animation. In traditional animation all the frames are drawn manually. The images are slightly different from each other. The images are placed one top of the other and observed through light table. This helps the animator to see the previous frame and design the next frame accordingly. The early editions of cartoon series ‘Tom and Jerry’ is created in this manner.

The animator can keep  the imaginations flowing in and paint any sort of character. There is no boundation. It gives creative freedom. It is easy to understand and therefore beginners should have a look into it before diving in further.

Although, traditional animation is good for beginners, it can be sometimes very cumbersome. It demands precision and lots of handwork. Along with this it is very time-consuming. Therefore, it is now done with the aid of computers. The evolution of computers has made this process easy.

Stop motion

Stop motion uses still photographs of objects, puppets or clay models. They are combined together in a series and played together to depicts motion.

Though, the animator is not compelled to draw each image by hand but still stop motion can be challenging. It requires good photography skills. Each image has to be captured at different time spans. Plus, only real life objects can be captured using stop motion. Objects need to be prepared and modified for different images. 

Beginners should seek for this category if they have people with knowledge of photography and creative people for creating models. Once you have captured a image you need to wait until it’s form transfers naturally of artificially and then only you can move forward for the next short.

Different types of stop motion animation-
Puppet Animation

As the name suggests, puppet animation uses puppets to construct scenes. This form of animation tracks its roots to the puppet shows. It can be 2-D or 3-D type of animation. But it’s use is limited because of the difficulty of its execution.

Clay Animation

The use of clay to develop characters and structures is known as clay animation. It is popularly known as claymation. 

It is very cost-effective. Hence, preferred by beginners. Clay can be moulded infinitely to produce enormous shapes of different sizes. It just requires a skilled person.


This category of animation traces it origin through cut outs. It was one of the initial forms of animation. Cut out animation is also one of the oldest form of animation.

The characters are created by cutting pieces of paper, cardboards or photographs and sewing them together to produce motion.

This form of animation is now done using software. The images  are scanned and operated through computer software to produce the final product.

2-D Animation

2-D animation is not at all difficult to understand. Imagine drawing a few drawings with little differences and placing them together to create motion. That’s it. This is 2-D animation. It may also be done using photographs. This type of animation  has only 2 dimensions.

The famous Disney cartoon character ‘Mickey mouse’ is a gift of 2-D animation.

It can be used conveniently by beginners. It is a great way of appealing people.

3-D Animation

The arrival of 3-D animation is solely dedicated to computers. It came into being all thanks to computer graphics.

Went to a movie theatre to watch an animated movie and were offered a 3-D glass?  The movie must have used 3-D animation to make unreal objects appear lively. 3-D animation has taken over other modes of animation. It is easy and attractive. It’s popularity among the masses has increased it’s demand several folds. It is the most widely used animation type. It will surely find a place in the future also.

Uses of 3-D animation-
  1. It is used to bring life to imaginary creatures. In movies and cartoons vivid characters are created for entertainment purposes.
  2. 3-D structure of buildings are used by architects to analyse the internal structure of the building.
  3. It is widely used in medicine to study the functioning of different organs. Using living samples for the analysis is not feasible. Killing small creatures for studies is unethical. 3-D animation bought a revolution in the field of medicine because concepts became easy to demonstrate and understand.
  4. It is utilized in marketing and for promotion. To demonstrate the working of equipment, to show the manufacturing process of a product, reveal composition of products, to the consumers. All can be done using 3 dimensional animation.

For beginners, 3-D animation can open the doors for new avenues. It will attract the attention of potential consumers and will in turn generate high revenue.

Motion Graphics

If you are looking for an animation technique most suitable for marketing, you found your answer. The usage of motion graphics is in explainer videos, advertising, brand videos, promotional videos, commercials, presentations, pitch videos, sales, demo videos, etc.

They use text, shapes and symbols to deliver a message. Audio can be added to them in the form of voice over or music to make them more penetrable.

White-board Animation

Who knew simple drawings created on plain background would be used as a form of animation?

In white-board animation a 2-D image is created on a plain background. It can be used to form images of  fictional as well as real life objects. Images have to be drawn manually using simile tools like paper, pencil or paint brush. 

They are pocket friendly, easy and doesn’t require much efforts. One just needs to be creative with white boards as they can be used for marketing and promotion. This allows the scope of presenting something out of the world to the audience. You may use it as a tool to attract people and stand out from others. It also adds a personal touch.

Typography Animation

It is a style in which moving text is used for animation. It is therefore, some times referred to as kinetic typography. It is preferred by business for displaying data statically. It also finds versatile use in the field of education. Students can be taught using kinetic text, making studies interesting.

Few key points to remember while creating typography animation are listed below.

Font is the main thing need to be kept in mind along with the background. The font needs to be eligible for reading. The background should be chosen in such a manner that it makes the text pop. The speed of moment of the text should also be regulated properly.

So many great options can bewilder the mind. For beginners it is very difficult to choose the right type of animation. For this short list the ones which you think are suitable for you. Do a thorough research on them and come to a conclusion. Also, keep the interest of your audience in mind. Find the right people to accomplish the task of animation. Beginners have a tight pocket.

So, carefully select the one which suits your budget. Don’t get outshined by the huge variety. Let others do what they want. You just mind your own business. What suits others may not be able to fulfil your demand. So, search for the best yourself. Don’t just blindly follow what others opt for. 

One may also prefer 2 or more types of animations simultaneously. It will help you increase versatility. You may use 3-D animations for marketing and motion graphics for displaying your growth. 

Whatever you choose, remember to put in your best effort. Just by choosing the right mode doesn’t ensure success. If a particular type doesn’t get attention, switch to another. Be open to experimentation. You never know, what may grab the attention of the masses. At last, be consistent. Some day or the other your strategies will show the result. You will earn the fruit of your hard work.

Looking for animators to create your video? Contact Satva Design Studio today!

ethical communication

Basic Principles of Ethical Communication

Humans are a social being. We cannot remain isolated. We live in communities. Living in society is not enough. We also interact with each other. This communication is essentially for your survival. While interacting with each other we maintain certain ethics. Similarly, business also need to communicate. The importance of ethical communication in business is even more. Good communication skills may make or break a deal. So, lets learn about some basic principles of ethical communication.

Significance of Ethical Communication

  • An open interaction between businesses, its employees and the clients lays the foundation of building mutual trust. 
  • Providing an environment, open to different thoughts is mandatory for growth. 
  • An enterprise can not function without clear communication. A lack of proper communication may hinder the growth of any project. Open communication ensures smooth functioning and no breakage of links.
  • Businesses are responsible for their words. These words have a far reach. With this great power comes great responsibility. One need to keep in mind certain ethics before conveying anything to the crowd.
  • The predicament of misinterpretation may be the soul reason for the downfall of an empire.
  •  Misunderstanding are easy to create but arduous to rectify. Without proper communication between the company and it’s members the outcome will never be a pleasant one.
  • Trust is the core of any relationship. A strong relationship demands sincerity. For any successful business venture ethics are obligatory.
Significance of Ethical Communication

Lack of Ethical Communication Leading to failure

Punjab National Bank was coerced into shutting down approximately 200 to 300 branches or relocating them. This was the aftermath of the  Nirav Modi fraud. 

The bank alleged two of it’s employees for persuading the scam. This is an epitome of how unethical communication can hamper the reputation of even the top enterprises.

15 Principles of Ethical Communication

  1. Learn to listen

There is a famous story of three dolls. They were exactly similar in appearance. King Raghavendra was asked to find the difference between them. He measured all aspects of the dolls but couldn’t find any difference. He was getting more and more curious. He constantly tried to find what was missing. But he failed miserably. Then a wise woman broke the code. The 1st doll had holes in one ear and mouth. She passed what she heard. The second had holes in both the ears. She listened from one ear and passed from the other. The third had hole in only one ear. She was considered the wisest because she was a good listener.

What I conclude from this story is that before speaking, first we need to listen. Learning different perspectives and then analysis is sagacious. 

  1. Wait for your turn

Interrupting in the middle of a conversation is very rude. It won’t be received well. It might even be taken in an offensive way. 

Always wait for your turn to come and then present your views. 

Even if you don’t agree with the opinions of others, wait patiently for them to complete. May be they have something interesting to convey. Once they are done, present your views for or against them.

Note down the points you found invalid and retrospect them later.

  1. Speak only when required

Your words are worth millions. So, use them judiciously. Speaking unnecessarily may annoy others. It is considered unintelligible. 

Genius minds focus less on speaking and more on working. Let your actions speak louder than your words.

  1. Speak softly

 Shouting or speaking in a loud voice doesn’t make things geniune. It makes things worse. Even if you are right, be polite. 

Speaking on the top of your voice is considered unethical.

Speaking softly must not be misunderstood for speaking in a low tone. You pitch should be a depiction of your confidence. Low pitch indicates low self confidence. 

  1. Be audible

Don’t be so polite that people find it difficult to hear. Even if you have a valid argument, nobody is going to take notice if you don’t speak it loud enough. Don’t shout but at least raise your voice to an audible frequency. 

Your presence will be valuable only when your voice reaches to others.

  1. Present the facts correctly

 Your opinions matter but the facts are paramount. Don’t tamper with them. Present them as they are. Misinterpretation and manipulation with the facts is not at all ethical.

  1. Do a little homework

Speaking without prior knowledge of the topic may lead you in trouble. A little homework may help you in enhancing your presentation. Make notes of important points. Practice elocution in front of a mirror. It will be of great help. 

Clueless uttering words without research or facts may sound unprofessional.

You would be able to stand against any backlash and counteract if you haven’t got your facts sorted.

  1. Be short and precise

Speak to the point. Presenting your story in a limited number of words is a talent not possessed by all. Be brief and concise. Only speak what is required. Important piece of information may be missed out by others if  you drag things too much. Everyone of us have a limited grasping power. So, try to deliver what is necessary. 

What you speak should be understandable by the others. There is no point of showing off your vast knowledge in front of someone who doesn’t understand it. Know where the others stand and modify yourself accordingly.

  1.  You are not Mr. Right

People have different takes on different situations. If you have a point of view, it is most likely that others have theirs too. What you consider best may not be acceptable to the others.

Look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on personal gains.

Assuming yourself to be superior and others as inferior seems discourteous. Rather, look at things with an open mind-set. 

You may have a good idea but others may have a great one. So, listen to the views of others and then come on a conclusion.

  1. Define your limits

In public, one needs to circumspect thoroughly before opening their mouth. Speaking anything and everything is so not advised. You need to draw borders. A few things need to be kept private. Not everything is to be spoken in the public.

Think twice before speaking.

Your statements may backfire. So, be very careful while making bold statements. 

  1. Speak for yourself and not for others

Others have a mouth of their own. They can present their side of the story. You need not take charge for them. Even if you do so, you will be held responsible not the other person. 

Remember, when you speak for others you  are making a fool of yourself. If the other person chooses to keep mum then you are no one to take stand on his behalf.

  1. Don’t hesitate 

 Hesitation is an indication of lack of self confidence. Facing a large number of people may make you nervous. But stick to your job. With experience you will eventually get better. If you are not able to deliver a speech in front if a few people, how do you imagine to be a leader some day?

Don’t be distracted or distract others. Be confident even if you don’t know what to speak. The confidence in your voice covers up for the lack of your awareness.  Even if you present wrong facts with confidence, people might considered them true.

  1. Respect the opinions of others

People don’t think alike. We come from different backgrounds. The difference in cultures and traditions should not be an obstacle in building a healthy relationship. 

People treat you the way they want you to treat them. If you want respect then learn to give respect.

  1. Take stands

If you know you are speaking the truth don’t dither. If you are right, stand up for your. No body will do it on your behalf, if you won’t do it for yourself.

  1. Include every one

Every one should have an equal say in any decision making process. 

 Sometimes brightest of ideas come from the strangest minds. If everyone is not given equal opportunity, you may miss on some really good ideas. 

How to Promote Ethical Communication?

  • Companies may consider organising events or  activities to promote interaction.
  • Seminars or webinars may be timely conducted. This keeps your team mentally prepared all the time. 
  • There should be a scope of correction. You can’t expect others to speak freely if you don’t allow them to correct their mistakes. 
  • Correct others politely. If you come across a conversation which seemed disparaging, don’t immediately get aggressive. Give space for improvement. Try to explain why speaking so is erroneous. 
  • Don’t belittle others in public. Consult with them privately. 
  •  Employees will follow what they see. Hence, a company must clearly lay down it’s ethics and strictly follow them. There should be no exceptions.
  • Regular training sessions should be made mandatory. Your team should excel in communication skills. For this you need to mould them according to your requirements.

Businesses pay lot of attention towards infrastructure, designing, product building, marketing and promotion and less to communication. This carelessness may come in the way of your success. You won’t be able to accomplish any task properly if your team lacks coordination. To align your team in the right direction, clear instructions should be delivered.

Ethical communication is an important aspect of all businesses. You will be able to draw consumers, convince them and sign a deal only if you properly interpret your idea. A great idea is worthless if it can’t be explained to others. 

OTT Platforms

OTT Platforms and Their Working

Binge watching and snacking late at night has become a part of our lifestyles. Watching our favourite web series, show or movie is the best way of rejuvenation. We all watch web series on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime, Voot, Hotstar, ALT Balaji, MX player, etc. We chat on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or some other platforms. These platforms are called OTT platforms.

OTT platforms are drastically replacing  television and movie theatres. May be they are therefore, called “Over The Top”. OTT is any streaming platform that delivers content online. Basically it’s just like any other app. 

Many serial and movies are released exclusively on OTT because of their popularity and the convenience they offer to the audience.

Different types of services OTT provides

  1. Videos

There are various options like vlogs, documentaries, styling videos, cooking tutorials, etc.

  1. Audio

Spotify is a popular OTT platform providing music and podcast services. Audiobooks are another example of this category.

  1. Communication

Who hasn’t used WhatsApp or Facebook messenger? They are some popular OTT messaging platforms.

Various OTT platforms

  • YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime, Voot, Hotstar,  ALT Balaji, MX player, and several others provide video streaming services online.
  • Apps like Facebook messenger, WeChat, Skype, WhatsApp allow communication.
  • Audio services like music and podcasts are provided by Spotify Gaana, Jio Saavn, Amazon Prime Music, YouTube Music,  Wynk Music and many more, the list is endless.
OTT platforms types

Pros of OTT Platforms Over Traditional Forms

How many of you left watching television? Or how many of you just use it for viewing OTT platforms and not the actual channels.

After the revolution in  TV cable supplies, people had to pay per channel. Why pay for a few channels when you can get unlimited fun at lesser price?

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, importance of OTT platforms have increased several folds. 

  • The old and boring television shows are being replaced by web series. Web series don’t last forever like the daily soaps. They are therefore, easy to finish watching in short time. Then one can move to other web series. It saves time and maintains connectivity. 
  • Unlike the TV shows, they are accessible at any time. You are not bonded to a particular time. You can watch them at your ease. One can also skip when they have other commitments. You won’t miss on any new reveals.
  • Serials often end with a mystery. If you are a person who can’t wait till the next day for the secret to be revealed OTT is for you. You need not wait for a new episode daily. You can watch the entire series at once. Or split it into parts as per your choice. There is no compulsion.
  • A television show lasts for about half an hour. But it’s actual play time is just about twenty minutes. The rest of the time is filled with advertisements. These advertisements are so damn irritating. Most of us just keep switching channels between adds. OTT platforms have very few number of advertisements which saves your time and helps avoid boredom. Several of them cam ne skipped as well.
  • Movies and television shows often stretch on things unnecessarily. There are effects, music, and parts you may find irrelevant. You just keep changing the channel go back to check whether it is over or not. There is no option of forwarding or skipping. But not with OTT. You can skip any part you find boring and save your precious time.
  • If you want to watch a movie again you will have to buy the tickets again. Or wait for it’s television premier. For watching a TV serial again you have to wait for it’s repeat telecast. There may be none. Or you may have to monitor the time when it is repeated and be present at that particular time only. Besides, even if want to watch a particular part of the show, you would have to go through it entirely. OTT has solves this problem. You can just move to your favourite part and enjoy. If you are fond of 1 character and want to adore their scene you can do so.
  • Went to a theatre and it was houseful? Couldn’t even get the tickets for the next show? All your excitement went in vain. One has to book tickets beforehand, then travel to the theatre, in order to watch a 2 and a half hour movie. Taking the interval and travel in account it may cost you double the time of the movie.

Going to a movie theatre almost seems impossible in the current scenario. The theatres are not opening anytime soon. Even if they do, there is a high degree of risk involved. With so many people crowding in one place, it is not at all advised to visit a theatre now.

OTT platforms have various movies which you can watch at the ease of your house. Many movies have started realising on OTT platforms itself. As soon as a movie releases it is at your door step. So, lay comfortably in your cosy couch, grab some snacks and have fun.

  • It has variety of content. Raging from movies, daily soaps, travel tails, fitness videos, educational lectures, vlogs, web series, challenges, songs, fashion videos, lifestyle videos, cooking video’s, informative content, communication, learning videos, tutorials, technical knowledge, and what not. You name it and you have it. 

Unlike television or movies, the content is not limited. You can explore things from all over the world without spending much.

  • OTT doesn’t limit to just entertainment. There is an ocean full of stuff waiting for you to dive in. Have fun along with learning and improving skills.
  • They offer flexibility of usage. This means they can be used on several devices like laptop, television, mobile phones, personal computers, etc.
  • OTT is cost effective. Monthly television bill and theatre tickets may cost a lot. We all have internet connections at our homes. Many OTT platforms just require internet connection. If you want premium membership you have to pay a tiny-miny amount. The memberships starts from just a few hundred Rupees. It doesn’t even cost a dime.


  • One of the major disadvantage associated with OTT is that there are overwhelming amount of options. One gets bewildered about where to start with. There is no limit. You can go on and on. Videos come one after the other automatically. 

In order to solve the mystery, find what happens at the end, you keep going on and on. There is no break. 

  • Many of the children don’t want to do any physical work. They just sit in a corner and isolate themselves. The generation gap between parents and children is growing more and more.
  • Lack of  proper censorship is a topic of debate. Television and movies are censored, i.e. the content displayed is validated by an authority. This ensures no obscene activity is conducted.

Although, in 2021 government of India laid down certain rules and regulations for OTT platforms but it is not enough. Whatever they feel like can be exhibited. Many derogatory terms and offensive words are used. For naive children there is a serious danger. They learn from what they see. At an early age they become aware of things they should be. These things influence their personality in several ways, be  it good or bad. There is on one to monitor the contents they are getting exposed to. 

  • It is harmful for the health as well. People give up on there sleep just to finish a series. Long hours of continuous watching a screen distorts our vision. Several children are forced to wear specs at an early age.
  • Your eyes are tired but your mind isn’t. It wants more and more. This greed hampers with your routine. Once you start you are not able to stop. A lot of self control is needed, which most of us lack. 

How Does OTT Platforms Work?

OTT platforms are nothing but applications. They are developed in the same way as other apps. Apps stands for applications. They are computer software designed to perform various functions. OTT’s are created for streaming pre-recorded files stored on a survey over the internet. 

For a person to access any OTT platforms an internet connection is mandatory. Along with this any of the devices like mobile phone, laptop, television or a desktop is required. 

Whenever a person wants to perform a particular task, a request is sent via the server and the output is delivered.

These platforms earn money by advertisements. You must have noticed adds appearing on these platforms. This is the source of income for OTT platforms.


OTT platforms are apps that provide services like video streaming, communication, etc. There are many OTT platforms delivering audio, video and messaging services. With so many advantages more and more people are opting for them instead of the old school forms of entertainment. But nothing is perfect in this world. Things have imperfections. Even these platforms comes with a few drawbacks. One needs to watch out for them. Parents need to monitor their wards and prevent them from accessing unwanted things.

Because of the high demand, business are preferring OTT platforms over others. If you want to develop your OTT app contact Satva Design Studio

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