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Top 10 Significant Reasons Depicting the Importance of a Business Logo

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Every individual has an unique identity. Similarly, every business must have an exquisite identity so that people can recognise it. This identity is provided by a logo. It builds the foundation of any branding venture. The logo must perfectly define your brand and have an appealing touch.

A logo features your company’s name, embellished with  colours, symbols and graphic touches to make it attractive. It is displayed on a company’s website, business card, product, social media, etc. 

Types of Business logo 

Logos can be broadly classified into 3 types-

It is composed of symbols that defines your business.

 In this form of logo, the company’s name is displayed in a elegant  manner. 

A business may include both abstract symptoms and logotypes to further enhance their logo design.

Importance of a Business Logo

The logo is so small than why do companies give so much emphasis on its design? Let’s find out.

It gives the brand an identity

Each business must have an unique identification. Logo is one of the first things people notice. People will acknowledge a business from it’s logo. This is what makes the brand different from others.

It creates a visual image of your company for the consumers

The consumers don’t have a knowledge of the founder, team or the location of a brand. The only thing that makes them recognise a brand is it’s logo and the name of the brand imprinted on it. 

Also, a visual image stays for longer in the minds of people.

It draws attention

People may not be able to read your brand name on an advertisement but they will surely see your logo. That’s why the logo needs to pop up. 

It makes your company appear legitimate

When clients see you have a well designed logo, they surely believe your company is licit.

With so many large and small scale business operating online it has become strenuous for a common man to choose the authentic one. Logo makes things simpler. People seldom question the authenticity of your brand if you have a logo. 

It makes you look more professional

All best selling companies have a logo that is known to the people. If you want to complete with them you need to follow their footsteps. If your brand doesn’t have a logo, it makes people think of you as an amateur. They may not want to work with you unless and until you unfold your skills. But a logo helps avoid this.

It enhances your brand value

Branding is all about influencing people.

Popular brands like Adidas, puma, Apple, Samsung, Victoria secret, H&M, L’Oréal, Himalaya Herbals, American Tourister, Big basket etc., have set a benchmark with their logos. People blindly buy their products just because of the logo. 

It helps communicates with the people

A logo can help consumers find out about the services you deliver.

For example, a shopping brand may have a logo with a clothing item. A stationary brand can make any of the stationary items a part of their logo. Grocery suppliers have images of vegetables and fruits in their logo. Tech service providers have various gadgets incorporated in the logo.

Logo helps clients in understanding who you are. Potential consumers can then make out how your services can benefit them. 

People who have no prior knowledge about your business can form opinions from the logo.

Clients who have not wet worked with you can make an estimate about your experience. They can learn your work ethics. Logo also helps spread awareness about your working style.

If the logo is messy, people may question your work. They will not be able to lay complete trust on you. 

It helps avoid competition

There are thousands of business supplying the same products. What makes you different? 

Many brands have very similar names. Consumers may not be able to distinguish between them.

They may also not be able to remember complicated terms. But they will surely remember your logo. People, generally forget the name of your company but they can identify you with the logo.

It helps to broaden your reach

A logo is the symbolic representation of your firm. You publicize your brand with the help of your logo. It invites new customers towards your product.

The more popular your logo, more people will recognise it. You can use it in newspapers, magazines, advertisements and social media to expand your domains.

It forms the basis for executing marketing strategies 

A consumer will know whether the product belongs to a certain brand from it’s logo. Therefore, it is ought most important for all your products to carry your logo. 

The logo must be placed so that it is properly visible. It should also be placed on the packaging to ensure the consumer recognises your brand as soon as they see the product.

Your product, its packaging any promotional material, giveaways, your building, workspace, furniture even your company’s stationary supplies will have the logo embossed on them. 

How to get it designed? 

There are several ways in which one can get a logo designed for their brand. They are as follows-

 The brand can self-design

Self designing a logo will help in avoiding the expenditure of hiring a logo designer. You can put all your thought and imagination and design whatever you want. By self designing, you get exactly what you desired of.

Hire good designer

Remember that a logo is the identity of your brand. It should last you forever. Hence, it’s quality should not be compromised. So, it is highly recommended that one opts for a logo designer. There are several freelancers who can design a logo at an affordable price.

Assign task to a graphic designer

They are professionals and can guide you in the process. They have immense knowledge of how things work. They know which colours to use, how to blend them and which font will suit your brand name. This makes things much easy. They understand your temperament and deliver accordingly. They also know the latest trends and requirements of the market. All this will contribute towards a perfectly designed logo, which stands out in the market.

Tips to Make Your Logo Appealing

People form their first option about your enterprise from the logo. Therefore, it better be good. Otherwise, you will loose on many potential buyers even before they approach you.


We live in a world full of colours. Nobody likes dull colours. The choice of colour for your logo is vital.  Some monochromatic logos look on point while others don’t. Putting too many colours and creating a ugly mess is also not preferred. Hence, one needs to be very careful with the choice of colour. 

The tone of the logo is a game changer. It should be bright enough to draw attention and light enough not to make a person walk away.


The next and the most peremptory aspect of a logo is the font. You can have your brand name on the logo if it is small. If your brand name is lengthy you can put a few initials on the logo. Make sure your brand name or initials are visible properly.

A few logos have such horrible font that people can’t even read the alphabets. Why would a person try to get in touch with a brand who’s name he can’t understand?


There is no sense in having your brand name on the logo if people can’t even make out what it is. It also dissipates your brand reputation.

Most of us must be well aware about the controversy Myntra faced. For those of you who are unaware let me elaborate. Myntra is a fashion brand. An activist thought that Myntras logo was offensive towards women. Because of this Myntra had to change it’s logo. 

If you want to stay away from controversies, do thorough research before finalizing your logo. People’s mind have got creative, they imagine things differently. So, avoid such misfortunes.

Be Unique

Try to be unique but not weird. In order to do things differently, people often make things eerie. There is a very fine line between idiosyncrasy and being uncanny. One needs to define there boundaries distinctly. Be one of a kind and admirable. The logo should be simple yet elegant.

At last, logo is significant but it is not everything. Logo is just a contributing factor towards achieving something big. It can definitely help create an identity about your enterprise but you are known for your work.

The quality of your products and your approach towards the consumers is what makes the difference. 

It’s a competitive world out there, and making a good first impression is critical to communicating your goals and building relationships with potential clients. Satva Design Studio graphic designing services will put you ahead of your competitors.

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