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Worried About Software Development? Check How to Successfully Outsource It!

Before diving in the topic  let’s first understand software development. It is a process of writing the source code. It includes designing, programming, testing and fixing applications. Tremendous amount of research and skills are required for software development.

Software Development Outsourcing

Software development outsourcing is the activity of employing a software development task to an external source. One can hire a team or an individual for the entire operation of bits of it.

To do or not to do?

Why is there a need to outsource software development?

With things moving online with a tremendous pace it is imperative for business to step online. 

A company doesn’t necessarily has a  team with software developers. Also, the process is tedious and expensive. Therefore, it is better to outsource software developers.

  •  You get the expert’s opinion.

By outsourcing you are putting your project in the safest hands. The work will be accurately done.

  • You get to lay hands on new and creative perspective.
  • Aids in connecting the missing links.
  • It helps your company to meet international standards.
  • In times of emergency outsourcing is like a blessing in disguise. When your team is preoccupied, outsourcing is what you need.
  • It reduces the risk factor. With an expert undertaking the process, scope for mismanagement is reduced significantly.
  • It is the best way of dividing labour. Your team can focus on other aspects while the software developers do their tasks.
  • It takes less time for the project to attain completion.

Facts to consider before outsourcing software developers.

  •  If you already have an in-house software development team then there is no need to hire people from outside. These people are already aware of the company’s needs. They know the working style of the  company thoroughly. Assigning them this  task will save you from briefing others. 

You can completely rely on your team and wouldn’t have to waste time searching for genuine people out there.

  • There are several domains associated with software development. Even if you already have a software development team, ensure that they master in the field related with the project. 

For instance, you may have a team that expertise in JavaScript but not in app development.

It is vital that you specifically know what you are looking for.

  •  Hiring additional people will   cost you a lot. Before digging in, check your accounts. 

For good quality output one needs to spare no expense. If you hesitate to do so, the results may not be up to the mark.

  •  Decide whether you want to outsource the entire project of parts of it.

Steps to successfully outsource software development.

Now we shall discuss how one can successfully outsource software development.

  1. Pre-plan

You first need to pen down what you are desiring for. If you yourself don’t have a idea, then how do you expect others to understand. Hence, laying down your goals and conveying the same to the software developers is better.

2. Research

Once, you are clear about your requirements, you need to look for experts. Make sure that you look for people who are knowledgeable about the field your project belongs. 

One also needs to look for people who fall in their budget. Straight away don’t go for the first company that comes in your view. Look for the best deals. It may be exhausting but will definitely benefit later. 

If you opt for people from outside your country, keep in mind the time differences. You working hours and theirs must synchronize. Otherwise there will be trouble in working together. Language is another barrier. Not able to communicate properly and interpret what the other person is speaking is quite irrigation. We also must have faced this situation sometimes in our life. Don’t let it happen now. You won’t be able to convey your thoughts if you don’t speak the same language. So, before looking for people in different countries, check out for the language they speak.

Researching guarantees that you will find the most suitable group of people. It can be done by simply searching on your browser.

  1. Keep backups

Don’t depend on just a single team. Keep backups. The team you choose may afterwards not meet your expectations. Or worse, they back out at the last moment. In order to avoid this, shortlist at least five to ten companies.

Do a thorough research of the team you are planning to hire. Examine their portfolios, go through their previous work and check for reviews. Remember what suits the needs of one may not suit the other. Read all the reviews carefully. May be what others don’t prefer is wanted by you.

  1. Contact the companies you want to work with

Obviously, you can’t start working without contacting the outsourcing companies.

If you were not able to comprehend things just by viewing the companies online, talk to them. Make a list of the questions you have regarding them beforehand. Disturbing people again and again may seem unprofessional. Get all your queries sorted. 

  • Ask them whether they have prior experience in the domain. 
  • Also, ask them if they are free during the time span you are planning your project. 
  • Get the knowledge of the equipment they work with. 
  • Note the number of their team members.
  • Number of years of experience they have.
  • Which parts of the project will be accessible by you?
  • Their charges and what all expenses will be covered?
  • Does their package include consultation, design, development, legal aspects and quality controls?
  • Inquire about the duration of time they will take to accomplish the task.

You can add more questions according to your preference.

Once this is done and you are fully satisfied, describe your side of the story. Tell them your desires. What you are expecting the outcome to be should be discussed properly. Tell them about your company and its work. Discuss your consumer background and the category of people you target. 

Then take their feed back. Whether they understood about your project and are ready to take the task. Verify with them if they had done similar work in the past. This will make things easier. Clarify if they will be able to deliver good quality work. Both of you must come on the same page before starting any project.

  1. Note the response you get

If you have an urgent project lined up and the software developers don’t respond on time, then what’s the point? Keep a track of their replies.

Attentively measure the time they take to solve your grievances. 

You should consider selecting the one from  which you get replies instantly. Prompt replies depict their interest towards your project. They are the one’s who are eager to work with you. 

With so many deadlines, punctuality is prominent. Working with a team who receives your word immediately, infers that your work will be done on time. You won’t have to panic and rush at the last moment. This will also insure that the quality of work will not be hindered by working on it the last minute. You also need to keep some time at the side for any corrections, insertions, deletions or improvements.

  1. Now it’s time to select the winner

After all this researching, investigation, communication and negotiation finally it’s time to choose the best one.

This is done by signing the contract/ agreement. The agreement may be in softcopy or in hardcopy. 

Ascertain to mentioned all the points in the agreement to avoid conflicts afterwards. If any changes are made, don’t forget to put them in the contract. Exchange all the documents and check them prudently.

And Walla you are all set to go.

  1. Communicate and monitor

Your work doesn’t get over by just selecting the best of the lot. You need to constantly communicate with them. Monitor the work. Keep a check on the progress. Take updates regularly. 

Handing the work to others doesn’t mean you are free. The project is yours and you are the one to be held responsible for it’s success or failure. You cannot hold others responsible if you yourself didn’t look after it cautiously. 

Software outsourcing models

Staff Augmentation

In this model, the client hire a few software developers for a limited period. The hired individuals work only on the allotted tasks in association with the core  team. With this mechanism, the entire control remains in the hands of the client and not with any third party.

Dedicated team

This is in between a staff augmentation and an entirely dedicated team. The team works independently of the clients team. They are assigned a particular task to work with.

development outsource

Project-based outsourcing

In  Project based outsourcing a team is hired for a particular project. The entire responsible lies with the outsourcing company.

Software Development : Whether to Outsource or Not?

Outsourcing is the requirement of several businesses. It is a worthy investment. Outsourcing software development ensures work efficiency. It also uplifts your burden. The only con is that you won’t be present all time to monitor the progress. It is, therefore, advised to choose the correct outsourcing company in the preferred location. The number of frauds associated with outsourcing are increasingly alarming. Step back if things seem fishy. It is crucial you select the best and foremost the right one. 

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