Ai Chatbot for Whatsapp Odus

Ai Chatbot for Whatsapp Odus

How to create a Whatsapp bot? BY ODUS How to create a Whatsapp bot? Here is the step-by-step guide to set up a Whatsapp bot with Odus software. Enjoy! Creating a Whatsapp bot is an easy intuitive journey through several easy steps: 1. Go to “Configure” section in your personal bot setup cabinet and find “Channels” … Continue reading »

Branding and Promotions

A few days back at a discussion i been asked how does an average movie earns so much , is it a magic of branding? Is the Age of Branding at its peak of our time, the present time? The answer is YES, if you open your morning newspaper, switch on your TV or surf … Continue reading »

Social Photography: Are Photos Top Currency in Social PR?

It’s easy to understand why 55 million photos are posted to Instagram every day – pictures are inherently shareable and transcend language and cultural barriers. People connect with pictures on an emotional level, so it’s essential that companies incorporate photos into their social PR strategies. You can integrate pictures into your social PR strategy with these three … Continue reading »

Public Relations Services

PR services, a tough nut to crack some must say as its an age of digital media, either your are a celebrity or a owner of a brand, you are constantly competing with the level of exposure you should get and other in the competition are getting. So how does it matter? It absolutely matter, … Continue reading »

Website re-designs to match your steps with competitors

Is your website out-dated? Remember it will not bring more traffic because it will be far away from search engine result pages. You need to re-design your website so that it will be placed in top ranking in search engine result pages. As the algorithm of search engines (Google and others) changes time by time, … Continue reading »